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Earplugs in the helmet is probably a good start. I've been following these LM4/5 windscreen threads, never realized these were an issue until lately. Seems cutting the ducktail off the windscreen would make thinks worst by bringing the airstream down instead of over the head, though sounds like that is the solution for some? Have you tried playing around (maybe temporarily remove) the side/tank spoilers and then test it again at that same speed? Something is causing the airstream to be pulled down in that spot too soon instead of behind the person. We need an aerodynamics guru on this one. I bet some side flow holes or slight bump-out or in on the fairing or something along those lines would redirect that airstream away from wrapping in front of the head, but that's a lot of windshields and fairings to cut and test aimlessly That low pressure zone needs increased maybe?

General Discussion / Re: When did country music get hijacked?
« Last post by john fish on Today at 08:34:13 AM »
I found this station on the innerwebs for an older fellow at work whose Father was a rather famous fiddle player but can't listen to modern country radio 'cause it 'all sounds the same'.

It's just older country with an occasional ad for the local feed store.
General Discussion / Re: 2001EV Performance enhancements?
« Last post by PeteS on Today at 08:27:01 AM »
fotoguzzi posted his dyno graph on this thread. If I had a bike with a 15M I would start here with what he did to his bike.

My experience is with the earlier P8 computer but if his runs as well as mine did you won't need to change the rear drive.

If you need more power than this then it would be cams and headwork $$$$$$ but at that point I'm not sure its worth it.


Regrets again!  I'll be in N.Wisc at a reunion 
General Discussion / Re: When did country music get hijacked?
« Last post by jwinwi on Today at 08:21:00 AM »
Well, this might start a shit storm but this Dead Head has done the best country music I've heard in years.  I will admit that I am not a great country music fan,

"Ki-Yi Bossie"

In a cold church basement one November Friday night
Come along, come along
In a 12 Step meeting under harsh fluorescent light
Now that's bright, hey come on

I know I deserve to be there, but I don't remember why
I was looking for salvation, but nothing caught my eye
My turn to tell my story, and I guess it's worth a try
Come along, come along
Come along, come along

Come a ki-yi bossie, come a bossie, come along
Come a ki-yi bossie, come along
Come a ki-yi bossie, come a bossie, come along
Come along, come along
Come along, come along

Well I guess she had other interests, she had something else to do
You OK, well me too
So tell me watcha gonna, watcha gonna, watcha gonna do
Well OK, boo-hoo

So now the happy hour is raining on my shoes
And it's not all that important which poison that you choose
When you're tuning up to sing the rum and coke and whiskey blue
And that melody comes through, and now you're paying your dues

Come a ki-yi bossie, come a bossie, come along
Come a ki-yi bossie, come along
Come a ki-yi bossie, come a bossie, come along
Come along, come along
Come along, come along

Back before I drove a pickup and I took up buckin bails
Come along, come along
I was looking high and low for meaning, I was into saving whales
Before they're all gone

But the weeds grow high, and that's where it all begins
When I stop to wonder why, that was fertile ground for sin
Just pour some whiskey on it, and watch the fun begin
Come along, come along
What could possibly go wrong

Here pour a little whiskey on that fertile patch of soil
Come along, come along
Sprinkle in a little heartache, watch the ground begin to boil
Now it's coming on strong

As it starts to take its shape, there ain't nothing there to like
You best have quick reactions, it'll rattle, coil and strike
Time to change the scenery, it's time to hit the pike
And OK, I'm gone

They say each of us has meaning , time to bring that all to light (note 1)
Well alright, right on
Come along, come along

Come a ki-yi bossie, come a bossie, come along
Come a ki-yi bossie, come along

The Grateful Dead (with Jerry) will never be equaled but somebody needs to tell Bob Weir he's no Willie Nelson.  :whip2:
From a HUGE Willie and Real Country fan.
General Discussion / Re: My first ride (or yours) on a Moto Guzzi
« Last post by gliderjohn on Today at 08:20:28 AM »
I was familiar with Moto Guzzi before riding one but never rode one until the day I bought my T-3 and rode it 90  miles home. Was quite sold on it by the end of that 90 miles, still am for that matter. :thumb:
There is a recent post where the question is how to re-direct the windblast off the LM IV windscreen to the particular rider's chest, rather than his neck:

I'm new to riding a LM IV, so riding in to work today I tested where the windblast coming off the top of the stock windscreen was flowing with respect to my helmet, by feeling with my left hand over the windscreen @ 70-80 mph (that bike seems like it has a sweet spot @ 80).

The blast feels like it's directed exactly at my faceshield. Is this normal?

I do not experience "buffeting" like I have before behind a troublesome barn-door windshield on my Cal II where your vision gets blurry (fixed that problem), and I can turn my head no problem, as if the flow hitting my helmet is smooth, and my helmet is behaving like a spherical shape.

Do you guys who ride sportbike variations of the LM IV take steps to modify the windscreen, or your riding position, to get the windblast OVER your helmet? In the link above, the attempts to get the blast lower on the chest, in my case, would still leave my head in open airflow, but I'm wondering if the helmet roar would be reduced from having the direct blast hitting my face.

As it is now, I was thinking of adopting the practice of earplugs, just wondering if I should experiment with different windscreens.
General Discussion / Re: My first ride (or yours) on a Moto Guzzi
« Last post by beardog on Today at 08:15:36 AM »
 I had a honda Rune sold it and was looking for another different bike saw a Centauro on ebay and bought it. I didn't know much about them brought it home without a test ride or anything but a look over. Them somehow I meet Chuck S. from Elwood IN and he showed me how to do the valves and some other things. I have had many bikes but had never had anyone help me with other brands,  I was hooked and still am thanks Chuck he is a very smart and good man. I have two at this point but will always have a Guzzi I believe.
General Discussion / V7 Sport Intermittent GEN light
« Last post by jwinwi on Today at 08:14:05 AM »
Morning All,
73 V7 Sport has developed an annoying habit: GEN light often will not light when key is turned on - before cranking. Since I only ride her close to home I've been ignoring it and riding 60 or so miles without turning off the motor. On returning home I'll shut down the motor,  turn the key back on and GEN light is lit.
Bulbs are not the glass wedge type, they have round bases. Pulled out the receptacle and removed a little corrosion from the contact point in the receptacle. The light never comes on when the motor is running. Headlight, so far, has stayed bright.
Any advice appreciated...

John Wendt in Wisconsin
General Discussion / Re: Motorcycle : Bandit 1250 or FJR1300?
« Last post by beardog on Today at 08:05:14 AM »
 I have owned all three st1300, fjr (3rd one) concourse.  I prefer the fjr it does not have a sixth gear the concourse was faster the honda more complex. But right now I would go for an fjr. I have never had a heat issue with the fjr the other two I did.  Good luck.... just my opinion
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