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General Discussion / Re: Custom Saddle?
« Last post by lucian on Today at 08:24:15 PM »
Ia that patina or cow dung?
General Discussion / Re: Who owns a Stornello? How do you like it?
« Last post by Green1000S on Today at 08:19:37 PM »
Hi-pipe is fine, adds character to a pretty bike :grin:
It does limit what you can carry, but a 25lt Mosko Moto Scout Bag fits fine on one side. You however have to buy TWO bags from Mosko... If anyone needs, I have extra bag for sale, PM me.
I topped it off with Wolfman bags, which were strapped on top of the seat.

Me and my brother just finished a 4500 mile (Los Angeles to East coast) road trip in 15 days, not a single issue with my 600 mile Stornello. Well.... I guess its over 5K mile Stornello now.
Hundreds of miles of gravel in California and Utah. Fully loaded with camping gear, it looooooves to hum at 75MPH on highway and is home on gravel roads. Suspension sucks, but thats another story....

Here's a picture of the Storny at 118F heat in Ballarat, Death Valley.

I modified the "Hobo" somewhat:

MG crashbars, fitted with highway pegs.
Heidenau Scout tires
Adv Moster LED lights
Harley windscreen
Acerbis Brushguards
Clear 3M protector on tank
2" handlebar raisers

All I can say..... GO GET ONE!! :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

I'm betting the center has torn out of one of the plates. Time to go in for a looksee.
General Discussion / Re: Kansas state rally June 15-17
« Last post by Hymes Inc. on Today at 08:13:04 PM »
Thanks for the pictures. The first picture was us modifying a clutch cable we got from a yamaha dealer in Manhattan to fit my v7 special. I know I should carry a spare but that one didn't have but 10k miles on it. Anyways modified one got me home.
It sure was a hot one but thankfully the unbearable wind took care of the heat. Eats were good as was the company.
Dusty beat me to it. Those things are amazing.. and cheap. (Guzzi content)
It's sounding more and more like clutch plate thingys that have come from together.
 You need one of those fancy little cameras on the end of a snakie thingie Norm  :grin:

General Discussion / Re: Triumph victory
« Last post by Chuck in Indiana on Today at 08:05:25 PM »
You won this round, but that tinking noise you heard while the fins cooled was the little bugger 'splainin to the other machinery in the room the details of it's revenge.  I've owned these things.  I know.

I've often wondered about that kind of stuff. I'm glad to see I'm not alone.  :grin:
Oil got changed 2K miles early today to look for transmission chunks, now thinking I have a clutch issue. One tiny aluminum flake and three microdots of brass were all that came out with the trans oil.

Let it run, shut it down, as it shuts down grinding sound appears to come from bell housing area at shut down.

Also, pulling up to light, go to neutral as slowing, let clutch out and it sounds grindy for moment then goes away.

I wonder if it spat a clutch spring or rivet, or plate shard. I guess I could get all exploratory through that tiny viewport, but they didn't expect much observation to be done there judging by the size.
 What motorbike is Matt giving away this year ?

General Discussion / Re: 93 sp111 phf36d carb sync issues
« Last post by 93spada on Today at 08:02:01 PM »
Carburetors primarily meter fuel in response to air flow.... Compare the slide cutaways by placing the slides together .Take measurements and or make a template...Slight differences do affect air flow and if you feel up to it, use a half round file to make them identical as possible...A bigger cutaway leans the low speed mixture so thread carefully and only match the small cutaway to the larger one...If they are the same, then look elsewhere...

Thank You!!!
Rode today instead of screwing with it.
May have to work (bummer) tomorrow so maybe not then either.
Soon though. trying to get it well sorted for a trip to the pacific north west!!!
Thanks again.
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