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General Discussion / Re: A Good Startus Interuptus Fix
« Last post by Kiwi_Roy on Today at 08:42:33 AM »

my original intention was to take the thin stock trigger wire out of the equation

This is all I did on my 07 Griso, going up a couple of wire sizes reduced the solenoid operating time to 1/3 what it was.
I think Luigi measures the current draw, sees 10 Amps and wires it accordingly completely missing the high inrush current because it's so short.
General Discussion / Re: Let's see your helmets!
« Last post by Lannis on Today at 08:39:33 AM »
I have ridden in 49 states and 9 Canadian provinces with that helmet and it was never questioned.
Of course, I am sure I could be busted for it.

You might "could be" but you won't.   

Have you (or anyone here) ever been busted for a non-conforming helmet?    I ride with a lot of folks, and I've never even HEARD of anyone I know being ticketed when they have a helmet on their head that looks like a helmet, like your old one does.

Sure, you can read every once in a while about someone daring the cops with a Tupperware bowl and calling it a helmet, but if it's actually a helmet, no cop is ever going to go poking around for DOT stickers or Snell certs ....

Although I must say there IS quite a "perceived risk" gap between your little helmet and someone who changes their $750 Schubert every 5 years because there might be some UV degradation of the shell or deterioration of the interior foam ... !!

General Discussion / Re: I Need cheap shocks for my 2003 Stone please.
« Last post by kidsmoke on Today at 08:11:58 AM »
I should have added "and they might still".

Hard to argue with the price.

or your testimony that they've been acceptable to you on a Jackal and a Sportster. I'm eyeing them.

Having said ALL that... to the OP, if what you need is to freshen the ride for as little output as possible and still do it 'right', I can't imagine you can beat this offer. OEM and ready to bolt on, not great shocks, but they keep you riding.

I have a set taken off a Jackal when it was new. They're just sitting in a drawer in my shop. No weeping and chrome is great. $100 shipped in the USA. Contact me if interested. I'll be out of town much of tomorrow but home late tomorrow evening.
Quinn has closed shop.

  Yes ,and Hagon LLC USA has closed up...You can buy Hagons from the their UK website, they are about 200 bucks with springs....shipping about 30 bucks I believe...Hagons are nitrogen filled and good value for the money, provided you pay less than $250  total... Progressive may or may not be better for a slightly higher price...
Leaving Vortex-Land @ 6:30am!  See you this afternoon!! :thumb: :cool: :smiley:

Strange things happen to me on this site.

The strangest is if I try to quote anyone, it just goes completely wrong.     :huh:
General Discussion / Re: I Need cheap shocks for my 2003 Stone please.
« Last post by kidsmoke on Today at 07:27:56 AM »
I'll second the progressive 412's or Harley FLH take off shocks.

IIRC Harpers used to sell the Progressives.

As a matter of fact I have a set on my Sportster right now from Harper's that started life on my Jackal.

Progressives came with an assortment of replaceable brass bushings to size the eyelets appropriately. Yes the Harley stuff is not otherwise a direct bolt on, but it's close an can be made to work.
General Discussion / Re: Let's see your helmets!
« Last post by hidn45 on Today at 06:40:56 AM »
Speaking of helmets - look what the postman just dropped off:

Winthrop Mackworth Praed

Scorpion EXO R-710 - SNELL/ DOT, fiberglass/ Aramid shell, quick-release cheek pads, no-fog Ellip-Tech shield - $80 on closeout at sportbiketrackgear. com  !!

 - fits well, seems light, looking forward to wearing it "in anger" (been raining most of the week...)  Hope it's quieter than my Bell Qualifier.  That Bell was a bit of a disappointment, no offense to Brother Jim.  Build quality & durability, mostly.  I do like the fit of a Bell though, & I do have a sentimental attachment to the brand, one having saved my life & all....
General Discussion / Re: Rare Norton Rotary on Ebay
« Last post by Old Jock on Today at 06:36:40 AM »
Nobody has yet mentioned the Van Veen, always thought they were great looking bikes

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