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General Discussion / One of these studs is not like the other!
« Last post by Joshua on Today at 06:46:38 PM »
On my 76' V1000 motor i have had a small but annoying head gasket leak.

So, in my effort to stop said persistent head gasket leak I have re-torqued the head. This lessened the leak some, probably to a tolerable amount, but me being me I could not be satisfied with that.

So off comes the head, gasket seized to cylinder mating face around the 10 o'clock cylinder stud. All the four o rings on the studs were hard and brittle when taking them off. Then off comes the cylinder which has the base gasket glued to the face of it with what looks like blue Permatex / liquid gasket.

All cleaned up and ready to install, base gasket down, o rings on studs at 12 and 6, cylinder down over piston, head gasket down, then comes the head.

All looks good to this point.

When I go to install the 4 remaining o rings on the cylinder studs I start with the 2, then the 4, then the 8. When I get to the 10 o'clock position where the previous head gasket was stuck on and there is no smooth stud showing? All I see are threads!!! 

Off come the o rings and head and too my surprise, one of the head studs has a longer threaded portion, almost 1/4 of an inch? Also to my eye it may be a narrower stud overall?

This is my first guzzi motor, and first time breaking it down to any level outside of a valve adjustment.

Is this normal?? To have a different head stud?

I can't believe it would be good to have threads located where an o ring is supposed to seal oil from getting past??

Picture included, opinions on what to do are appreciated.

Is it very hard to set in a new head stud, are they available?

Many thanks,


General Discussion / Re: Any Advice on Wind Noise?
« Last post by Chuck in Indiana on Today at 06:41:06 PM »
I like disposable ear plugs.

Me, too. Buy them by the industrial sized box. Cheap. (Guzzi content) Keep one size bigger than I need in the Guzzi Garage in case someone stops in and needs some.
I have a medical condition called "Deaf as a post."  :smiley: Way too many years of industrial noise, flying and motorcycling without hearing protection.. shooting guns..outrageously loud rock music.. Of course, I could read the information that hearing damage was cumulative.. but I chose to ignore it. Duh.
Do yourself a favor before it is too late. If you wake up in the morning, and it is taking a long time for the ringing to quit.. probably the next time it will never quit.
Ya gotta adjust the valves every twenty years or so  :laugh:


"Ya know, Tim worked on that bike in OOOooo '96?? I'm gonna have to have a loooonnnnng talk with that boy.   (Uncle Jed content)
I don't see the comparison. 

Glad you got your bike fixed up.

Plenty of Amish about SW Missouri. The "English" as the Amish call us, farm their horses out to Amish, when they come back they are a better mannered animal - Much better.
General Discussion / Re: What is this stuff in our pond? NGC naturally
« Last post by giusto on Today at 06:36:48 PM »
Manual removal (such as scooping it out with a net) of watermeal is often ineffective because if even just a small fraction of the watermeal is not removed, it will quickly propagate and you'll be back out there scooping up the watermeal again in no time. Because of watermeal's explosive growth pattern,  recommend herbicidal treatments for optimum results.  Clipper is the most effective herbicide for controling watermeal, it also treats a variety of algae and and submerged weeds. 

 Because watermeal thrives (and can easily reproduce explosively) in waters with high phosphorus levels, part of your control method should concentrate on reducing the water body's nutrients, especially Phosphorus. PhosControl is one such product capable of doing this.

Try using  Watermeal POND Solution products for watermeal  control  and to help prevent future outbreaks.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to someone knowledgable about watermeal control, please feel free to call 1-877-428-8898
General Discussion / Re: What do you miss?
« Last post by Chuck in Indiana on Today at 06:32:51 PM »
Except for my mid 50�s, nearly NIB Browning Superposed.  Selling it was stupid, stupid, stupid.  I got four times what I paid for it and I still feel like a moron.

 :grin: :grin: If the shoe fits...
I gave my SBS Ithica 20 ga. double to the Kid. Maybe a little early.  :smiley: Oh well, I found a .410 O/U for the same job.
General Discussion / Re: Any Advice on Wind Noise?
« Last post by Perazzimx14 on Today at 06:28:10 PM »
I like disposable ear plugs. They are super cheap, hygienic and if you loose one or 50 its no big deal. Break out another individual 2 pack and you're on your way. If I am out for a long ride or touring I will use ear buds coupled with an iPod/iPhone.   

If you get custom ear plugs you need to wash sanitize and dry them daily or you risk getting an ear infection. When I was shooting Trap regularly lots of guys used custom molded ear plugs and all did 2 things:

1. Store them in an old pill bottle
2. Put them in their mouth to lube them up before inserting into their ears.

The pill bottle acts like a petri dish and the slobber and ear crust are great for making a great bacterial starter culture. 

Also over time your ears change and the ear plugs need to be remade. So they are not a once and done thing. 

General Discussion / Re: it followed me home
« Last post by Perazzimx14 on Today at 06:14:09 PM »

What size?

It a 1000.

Buddy has one and absolutly loves it.
Is like loaning a horse to an Amish dood.

The X was running a little rough, not really up to par so I dropped it off at Tim�s (Ozarks Guzzi) one evening when he wasn�t home  :laugh: I picked it up yesterday running like a top again. Thanks Tim! Too bad it�s raining today :angry:

I don't see the comparison. 

Glad you got your bike fixed up. 
General Discussion / Re: When did country music get hijacked?
« Last post by twowheeladdict on Today at 06:10:56 PM »
Not a huge fan of country music but I've always gravitated to Hank Williams, Ronnie Milsap, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, George Jones, Randy Travis, George Strait, Alabama.

Recently I was working in a customers home and she asked me... "Mind if I put on some country music?" I said fine.

After about 1 hour of listening to the "New Country" I unplugged it from the wall! I was working around the receptical and could not help myself.

It's seems like a combination of Swing, Rap and other stuff all mixed together that I can't stand! How many words can the squeeze into a sentence?

What happened to it and when did it get hijacked?

Just means you are old.  I feel the same way about rock music.  Look at who is getting in the rock and roll hall of fame lately. 

i have 16 Gigs of music on a old iPod that stays connected in my truck, and 32 Gigs of music on a thumb drive so I don't listen to radio unless i have to.
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