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General Discussion / Re: Something for people who like 'Old School'.....
« Last post by Huzo on Today at 01:32:49 AM »
Combining large brains with opposable thumbs enables humans to do some pretty amazing stuff, both good and bad. Being able to make stuff well and accurately falls under the 'Good' definition I think! :grin:
That old green thing was built in Ballarat.
2 km from my place and I worked over the road at a brick factory outta' Uni...
The factory was demolished only last week Pete.
Peter bloody Stevens is on the other side as well...

lossless image upload

Sign of the bloody times I 'spose.... :cry:

I got married and there's a baby girl coming in October, so I don't expect to have a lot of chances to work on the bike :-)

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Hey Rick, what happened to this project? Guess you are more concerned about changing diapers and get some sleep than working on your italian mistress ;-)
General Discussion / Re: Another great voice gone
« Last post by Huzo on Today at 01:29:00 AM »
Thought you were gunna' say Malcolm Young.
General Discussion / Re: Something for people who like 'Old School'.....
« Last post by Huzo on Today at 01:27:56 AM »
You guys have heard about the dog with a hare lip. It went mark, mark, mark.
You old bastard Wynd...
I wanted to do that one but didn't have the guts...
How are you BTW.?Working at all ?
Good to know. Thanks for sharing.


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General Discussion / Re: Euro 4 CARC's?
« Last post by pete roper on Today at 12:56:51 AM »
That is exactly why I bought a Norge, because it doesn't have all that stuff.  Obviously I have entered geezerhood.

Early motorbikes didn't have brakes because we don't need *All that stuff*....

Just sayin'
So my Dyna twin output coils failed, mate has just bought ignition from tri so thought Id try their twin output coils, inexpensive, neat and small got them nicely twixt carbs with wires easy to reach.
But misfire low revs high load with machine gun banging for the audience
I went through system, isolated ignition with hot wire, cleaned everything even replaced one set of points and condenser but knew they were not problem. Scratched head and didnt test till this morning, knew I hadnt fixed anything but didnt think there was anything about points ignition I hadnt already seen

So miss still there, finally rang supplier and asked if I was chasing impossible even though rated 3.8 ohms maybe they dont work with points?

Completely wrong angle, of course they dont know its points sending the trigger
Difference to normal is I want plugs to both fire under load not wasted spark like 360 twin or bmw or 4 cyl
So he asked plug gap, .024 on all four new plugs
He said that might be push for coil to effectively jump .048 under compression.

So I set outers  at .010 left inners, now combined .034

Doesnt matter what triggers the coils but not all twin output coils can cope with two normal gaps on single cylinder firing
Dyna ones did but they broke so Ill keep with these for now and run .017 on all four

Hope this saves anyone wasting a day like I just did
Answer was too quick and easy and I learnt new trick
General Discussion / Re: Stelvio rear wheel assy
« Last post by pete roper on Today at 12:52:13 AM »
The brake swaps, ipso-facto the ring will fit. After all it's the same wheels fitted to Brevas, Sports and Norges.....

General Discussion / Prigressive Motorcycle Show, Long Beach, Ca.
« Last post by ken farr on Today at 12:34:39 AM »
Hello All:

  No pics.
  Went to the show on Sunday, Guzzi was there, unfortunately they aren't building anything I want.  Guess, I'll have to keep my B1100.  :grin:
  Saw the Royal Enfield twins on display, interesting.  Not a lot of info, and no test sitting.... :sad:.
  Test sat on the Yamaha FJ 09, and am interested.....
  Also test sat, again, the Honda NC700X, it will probably be one of those, " best bikes I never owned"...

  ....other than that, not much of interest to me, had a good time though.  We went to Philippes  in downtown L.A., worth the hassle... :bow:

General Discussion / Stelvio rear wheel assy
« Last post by Xlratr on Today at 12:18:52 AM »
Stelvio has an ABS ring mounted.  Will that attach to the Griso wheel Pete?

I changed to cast wheels but can't remember if the disc and ABS ring share the same mounting points.

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