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General Discussion / Re: guzzi reverse trike
« Last post by rodekyll on Today at 01:15:37 PM »
Overall Length   106"
Wheelbase   72"
Track      50"

Gearman -- disappointment is part of the process.  It's going to happen with regularity.  There are no published answers to your questions, only clues and hints.  If you're doing it right you'll always leave a trail of scorched earth and charred parts in your wake.  It's all on you to make it work, make it fit, and make it go.  You're the only one it matters to, so you're the only one who cares.  It can be a real ego burn to know that there's nobody to blame but you, and it takes a particular mindset to go "awshit", back up, and make another run at it.  It took from 2013 till this winter to get my brakes to stop sucking, my fuel tanks to switch, and my cruise control to work.  I was six weeks just building the leading link front end.  There have (and still are) so many frustrations on this build that if I stopped dealing with them to count, I'd give up machinery altogether.

I've posted as many topics about my trike project failures as I have about successes, and after three years building it and two years riding it, I'm still struggling with some chronic issues.  Heck, just yesterday I posted that V2 of my dashboard isn't working the way I want it to.  I've got MONTHS into just the switch and gauge panel, and it looks like I'll be doing it again.  Yes, it gets disheartening.  Yes, some days I want to trade it in on a Miata.  And some days I can't suspend my disbelief that it's ever going to be as roadworthy and reliable as a Chevy.  If you can't deal with this reality, then your money will be much better spent on a turnkey trike.

But when I climb aboard and something I've been fighting WORKS AS INTENDED it's a wonderful feeling!  When I'm at a gas stop two time zones away from the barn and surrounded by people wanting selfies with the trike, it's great!  When I get that feeling I'm being followed, and then the follower catches me and says "I was hoping I wouldn't have to chase you to Portland to find out what that contraption is . . ." it's irreplaceable.  The other day I pulled up near the grounds machines at the farm supply.  The guy who'd been chasing me says "I knew you'd be coming here so that "thing" could visit his cousins."  I say "Yup, it's a ditch pump motor, all right."  He says "Sooo. . . .  is it British?"  I say "No, more like Hungarian with maybe some Greek."  "So you made all of it?"  "If you see it it's because I put it there."

Big eyes.

Priceless.  Makes it all worthwhile.
General Discussion / Re: Smacked a buzzard yesterday...Birds birds birds
« Last post by Shorty on Today at 01:12:14 PM »
As my Okie father in law used to say, "He won't have the guts to fly into me again."  :laugh:
General Discussion / Re: Lightweight Sport Bikes Rule!
« Last post by Roebling3 on Today at 01:11:34 PM »
A lot of small displacement bikes are great fun, excepting changes in elevation. Combine stops on those hills and you'll be last man/woman in line. Shifting enough to stay with bigger displacement bikes can put a blister on your left big toe. BTDT+.
RS125. Huge fun. R3~ 
BTW: I believe my FZR400 weighs more than the V7 III Racer.
General Discussion / Re: LEMANS 1000 FRONT END IMPROVEMENTS
« Last post by groundhog105 on Today at 01:06:04 PM »
Great information in this thread. Thanks! Does anyone have any photos or more information on the Astralite wheels?

Astrilite is no longer making wheels.  Its a bummer and I kick myself for waiting too long to order a set. 
General Discussion / Re: Tulsa CL ad for V7 Sport
« Last post by sdcr on Today at 01:04:55 PM »
Both nice machines.

The BMW RS is a rare Motorsport Edition. It is one of about 200 produced. Aside from the paintwork, I'm not sure what makes it different than a regular RS.

With that low mileage, It is priced well. IIRC, the last one I saw sold for about $13k.
General Discussion / Re: Looking for a Stelvio...
« Last post by pete roper on Today at 01:04:17 PM »
Thanks to all who've responded. I'm going to be as busy as a dog with two dicks today so I may not get round to responding to everyone immediately but your input is appreciated.

General Discussion / Re: Daytona RS on E-bay
« Last post by arveno on Today at 01:03:42 PM »
Nice bike !!  :drool:

to solve the oil pump issue ... switching to chain and that's it.

and is amazing how everyone are just trying to find excuses not to buy a motorcycle like that ...

they do not make them anymore and a RS does not come up for sale often.
General Discussion / Re: Lightweight Sport Bikes Rule!
« Last post by JJ on Today at 12:56:40 PM »
QUOTE:  When a Ninja 300 is just TOO porky! :shocked: :shocked: :shocked:

The Honda Ruckus... :laugh: :grin: :wink: :huh: :shocked: :rolleyes:

General Discussion / Re: Daytona RS on E-bay
« Last post by Roebling3 on Today at 12:54:59 PM »
Can that RS serial number be tracked?  I think that bike has had several owners over the past many years. The 1st one may have been Deryl Merhten, Sierra Vista, AZ.
Knowing the costly results of a likely inevitable oil pump/ timing gear crash (@ 20K miles or so), plus the age and environment (hot/dry),that bike has lived in, plus low miles are all negatives in my view.
Except for its' 1st 3 years in International Falls, MN my '93 Daytona has been in New England.  It showed some quite frayed edges @ 17K. Closer inspection showed badly eroded timing gears. The oil pump bearing surfaces were fine and w/in tolerance.  R3~ 
General Discussion / Re: Tulsa CL ad for V7 Sport
« Last post by canuck750 on Today at 12:53:49 PM »
A 3400 mile V7 Sport, if that is legit, is a steal at that price.
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