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Some years ago we circumnavigated the Grand Canyon and from the north rim we went to Lake Powell and toured the dam. Pretty fascinating. From there we went to the south rim and on to Winslow.
General Discussion / Re: 1400 custom abs issue
« Last post by pat80flh on Today at 05:43:18 AM »
In modern GM cars, removing the battery cables from the battery and holding/shorting  them together for 2 minutes is called a "global reset" . An engineer told me it discharges all capacitors. As the manufacturer continues to cheap out on built in scan tool functions, performing a global reset is becoming more common.
General Discussion / Re: Jetting with open air le mans 1000
« Last post by Old Jock on Today at 03:17:35 AM »
I changed my LM 1000 to Ed's setup too

Absolutely night and day, the bike would never idle right and plug chops always showed it way rich, I went to Ed's setup and could not believe the difference. To be fair I haven't done a lot of miles but the bike feels so much better, it's like a different engine.

I put up with the old set up for years, I think a PO had tinkered with it and the mains were way too big and the idle way too small, I just could not believe the difference that correct or close to correct jetting can make.

A lot complain that the main jet setting is a bit on the small side, if it is I'll just go up a size or too.

Ed's recommendation is based on a fairly free flowing filter and exhaust. Generally I take that as Turin stated, pods (foam or paper), or a standard box with a performance filter and an aftermarket or gutted silencer. I run foam filters and Supertrapps with about 14 discs as I recall

General Discussion / Re: 72 Chrysler Newport - should I do it? (NGC)
« Last post by Xlratr on Today at 02:47:42 AM »
Thanks all for the nice anecdotes, links and technical advice.
No voices of reason to be found here which is of course exactly what I was hoping for :-)

Regarding the price, I feel sure that those in the US will think it's ridiculous. He's asking just over Euro 15,000. That's probably twice what they cost in the states, but keep in mind the transport across the Atlantic, technical updates and documentation for the registration. It all adds up. For German standards it's in line with the market.

Off to see it this afternoon. I'll let you know!

General Discussion / Re: Jetting with open air le mans 1000
« Last post by Turin on Today at 02:46:37 AM »
Open air usually means individual pod filters.
General Discussion / Re: Why did Larios drop valves ?
« Last post by pete roper on Today at 02:31:34 AM »
8V's use similar adjusters. They come with two different thread pitches, not sure offhand what they are but they simetimes cause consternation if the correct pitch isn't chosen. Check the pitch on the Lario.
General Discussion / Re: Having a wonderful time, wish you were here ....
« Last post by Lannis on September 22, 2018, 11:44:42 PM »
Heading south from Utah and Bryce/Zion the South rim of the Grand Canyon is a simple bypass off 89 then south to Williams. The North rim would be more of a detour. It should be on everyones bucket list but for me once is enough.


Zion tomorrow, North Rim the next. There ARE a ton of people at these popular spots but we'll do it once anyhow.
General Discussion / Re: Jetting with open air le mans 1000
« Last post by notbent on September 22, 2018, 11:34:15 PM »
Re-digging this thread

I'm jetting my new PHM40's on a '91 LMV

What does 'open air' in the thread title mean?

I have standard airbox, standard crossover and Keihin mufflers.

Cheers, Andy
General Discussion / Re: Having a wonderful time, wish you were here ....
« Last post by Lannis on September 22, 2018, 11:26:53 PM »

You know it will be good when you see a flashing yellow warning sign saying, "Warning to motorcyclists. Sharp corners for the next 92 miles."
This gets my vote as the prettiest road in the states. The scenery is spectacular. Zion is pretty crowded, though.
If you don't *have* to see the Grand Canyon.. I'd pass.
I couldn't figure out what that sign meant. It only said 'Motorcyclists take caution next 100 miles', I watched it cycle twice and it gave no reason. I cussed and fussed at the UDOT for that sign. Slick roads? Open range cows? Alien invaders? And why just motorcycles?

But it IS the best road I've ever ridden!

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