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General Discussion / Re: V7 tank on V9
« Last post by Rhodan on Today at 08:19:40 AM »
Yup.  There was a discussion about this recently.  Here's the link to the thread.  It's got some pics and additional links I believe
General Discussion / V7 tank on V9
« Last post by 1stgarry on Today at 08:01:14 AM »
Has anyone put a V7 tank on a V9?  Don't even know if it's possible, but I love the V7 tank and the extra oomph of the V9.  Putting the two together would almost be my ideal bike!  :-) 
General Discussion / Re: Anyone out there ever make their own go-kart?
« Last post by dguzzi on Today at 07:59:48 AM »
Its one of those projects with no round toit.  Horizontal shaft electric start propane vtwin.  Shipping to NZ would certainly be costly!
Yes "looks big" as in appears big.
Incidentally Nic, what's the explanation for the moon, which is not as bright when it rises as later when it's higher, but looks bigger as it rises and sets?
They used to say it was the atmosphere til someone worked out that should make it smaller.
The optical illusion with the moon that I've heard most is that it appears larger when it rises and sets.  My understanding is that it has to do with its apparent proximity to ground objects.   The actual angle subtended by the moon stays about the same - it's 1/4 of the width of your forefinger held at arm's length (0.5 degree, finger takes up about 2 degrees).  Same with the sun - same apparent size. 
General Discussion / Re: Disc brake swirl pattern
« Last post by Moto on Today at 07:27:26 AM »
I don't know about beauty being truth - I trusted my X  - maybe because she was beautiful - but the truth to her was something to be molded and massaged to serve her own personal purpose. Funny thing is, she's an ugly tank now. Hard to believe the transformation - karma I guess.

My perception of beauty has gone through a few changes over the years, and my ability to deal with truth has as well. But I wouldn't say truth and beauty go hand in hand.

Yeah, well, John Keats never met your ex.

General Discussion / Re: 20oz Wild Guzzi Tumbler
« Last post by Luap McKeever on Today at 07:25:36 AM »
Just received my Wild Guzzi 20oz Tumbler. Very nice quality, and will be perfect for big ass Margaritas!!! Will be trying it out at the Broken Arrow Rendezvous this weekend.  :thumb: :thumb: :grin: :grin: :thumb: :thumb: Thanks Luap!!!

Glad you like it. I've using mine for a few months now and really dig it.
General Discussion / Re: grip buddies
« Last post by Luap McKeever on Today at 07:23:42 AM »
My $.02

I've been putting these ATV foam grips on all my bikes since 1999.  They're awesome.  I pull them off the plastic sleeve they are on and the slide right on with a little help from soapy water.  They're comfortable and shaped like your hand when you cup your hand.  No fatigue, ever.  And they last a long time too.

General Discussion / Re: A stash of E0
« Last post by Two Checks on Today at 07:16:51 AM »
True but the fact remains alk has 33% less energy content than gasoline. No matter the amount to compensate you must add fuel.
Flex fuel engines do just that.
Remember when na$car went to E15 and injection? Many teams regularly burned up engines. They ran them too lean and they pretty much shut off fuel deivery when entering turns. They had to richen up the mapping and the problem was solved.

General Discussion / Re: Fuel injection pressure relief valve
« Last post by Rough Edge racing on Today at 07:16:24 AM »
 42-50 psi is typical of port injection systems on most bikes and cars...Don't say I said this, but jacking up the pressure 3-5 psi can have a noticeable performance increase on some vehicles...Not to say you should do this or it will be ok on a Guzzi..But you never know... :lipsrsealed:
General Discussion / Re: Old ambassador fuel petcock issue
« Last post by Rod on Today at 07:11:42 AM »
I've always been curious about the reserve petcock setup. My 70 Ambassador has both sides with only open/close options, there is a "C" on both sides (no circle), clear enough. Then I took a set off my Eldorado, and one had "C" on both sides in a circle, and the other had "C Riserva" on both sides. The pipe on the Riserva rusted off, but I guess perhaps the pipe was shorter than the "C" petcock, so that's how it gave you reserve. My new "sugar cube" petcocks from MG Cycle both have a true open/close/reserve functionality, which I believe alters the level that fuel can flow into the pipe.

Somewhere I saw a claims that with those new petcocks you can actually have 3 reserves. But I'm not so sure. When my Ambassador (2 open/close) ran out and I tried switching over, I promptly ran out again and had to push about a half mile to the gas station. So if the level is low on one side, it seems the gas would find the same level on the other, assuming you hadn't leaned the bike too hard??? Needless to say I've never tested it again since. Maybe that was a refit on my old Ambo and someone should have put a Riserva on the other side.

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