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General Discussion / Re: New Still in Crate 850-T5
« Last post by flower_king001 on July 18, 2018, 04:45:21 PM »
none of his purchases are verified with actual items that he bought

He has NO feedback as a seller !!!!!!! :copcar:
I got my 2015 V7 from them. Nice folks. There is no money in this business for dealers. the only reason the Japanese brands survive is 4 wheelers and jet skis and holdbacks.
Mfg's sell to the dealer on a floor plan so they get paid right away  after a small discount up front. the dealer then gets 30-180 days to sell with no interest depending on the deal the Mfg had with the dealer and credit co. If the dealer goes under the MFG has to take the stuff back and repay the floor plan co. So they go pick it up and pay out cash that they don't have either or they dump it at a discount to some outher sucker or auction it. don't forget there is also a freight issue to deal with.
Many states have a law that also forces MFG's to take back all parts too. The poor dealer will be stuck with the trades and most likely will be screwed on warranty claims.
Problem for Guzzi is they are running out of dealers to suck up the inventory. 
General Discussion / Re: New Still in Crate 850-T5
« Last post by Shorty on July 18, 2018, 04:39:09 PM »
He has purchased stuff from Lamontsanfurd, orphan motors, guzzitech, and BSAnut, and those guys are legit, even if the posting is not.....  Perhaps they could verify the ads, assuming anyone wanted a bike at those prices......
General Discussion / Re: New Still in Crate 850-T5
« Last post by Yeahoo Whoyah on July 18, 2018, 04:36:47 PM »
So now the person has a few new eBay listings for "Brand New Motorcycle in Original Crate" -  (several) Bimota's
As we get to unloading these treasures, here are the first two deals to be had. California bike covers, $59 and Tank bags for Nevadas $99

Letting all you guys know up front and first


General Discussion / Re: New Still in Crate 850-T5
« Last post by Rhodan on July 18, 2018, 04:29:16 PM »
I didn't realize that sellers can get feedback for selling AND buying.  (I went and looked at some sites which talked about ebay scams)

If you follow this guy's Feedback Profile link on the 159 Stars (100% positive feedback) found in the upper right corner:
You'll see that 0 of that feedback is from selling.  At least that's how I read the Feedback as a Seller tab.  If you click on the Feedback as a Buyer tab, you'll see 181 entries.  So all this dude's feedback is from buying not selling.

General Discussion / Re: ATV. '98 Big Bear 350.
« Last post by Vagrant on July 18, 2018, 04:26:39 PM »
I'm still abusing the crap out of an 1986 honda SRX200SX (I think i got that right) I bought 20 years ago for $300.
Flush out the brakes and put in an inline clear fuel filter. It'll run forever.
General Discussion / Re: Anyone have an older BMW airhead gas cap?
« Last post by Antietam Classic Cycle on July 18, 2018, 04:22:25 PM »
Bob: Vech at Bench Mark Works just posted this on Facebook:

Two styles of reproduction gas caps that fit BMW motorcycles R60/7-R100MYS through 1995 (since original caps are no longer available from BMW). Choose your style:

(on the left) 51 25 2 307 125.1--$149.95--reproduction flush-mount, locking fuel tank cap fits BMW motorcycles R60/7-R100MYS through 1995. 2 keys.

(on the right) 51 25 2 307 125.M--$189.95--aluminum flip-top fuel tank cap BMW motorcycles R60/7-R100MYS through 1995 Non-locking

Order at www.benchmarkworks. com Online Store
or give us a call
(662) 465-6070

General Discussion / Re: New Still in Crate 850-T5
« Last post by Chuck in Indiana on July 18, 2018, 04:14:19 PM »
Agreed, it sounds like scamorama.. but how is this explained?
User ID 9111683 (Feedback score 159)
100% positive feedback
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Based in Canada, 9111683 has been an eBay member since Jun 27, 2003

I don't know how scammers do something like this..
General Discussion / Re: Tire for California Vintage?
« Last post by Chuck in Indiana on July 18, 2018, 04:11:11 PM »
Thanks Chuck!

see ya at the WI rally?

Absolutely..  :thumb:
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