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Guzzi Sighting Pennsylvania Turnpike
« on: August 28, 2008, 03:05:45 PM »
Hey folks, finally made it home from trucking for my much needed week off.  Had an interesting Guzzi sighting yesterday and thought I would share.

Was driving down the Pennsylvania turnpike (I-76) westbound yesterday afternoon when I spot a pickup truck with a small trailer full of motorcycles.  Now this is nothing new to me as the interstates are full of people trailering motorcycles these days it seems.  (lost count during Sturgis)  But no judgment is implied, just noting that it's commonplace and usually not noteworthy for me.  It did catch my eye however because there were five motorcycles on the trailer and only one person in the truck.  Dealer perhaps? 

Well onto the GC, the front two bikes were under cover so I could not identify them, the two outside bikes in the rear were both Harleys and as I was driving I was not able to get a positive ID on models or years.  But snug in between the two harleys was a gorgeous pearl white EV Guzzi!  I've been driving truck for 9 months now and I've been watching for Guzzi's the whole time and have seen very few.  But I never expected to see one on a trailer  :o

So anyone want to claim it as theirs?  I understand if you are shy since it was on a trailer hidden between two harleys.  But I thought it was pretty cool getting to finally see a Guzzi out on the road.  I suppose I see so few since I'm on the slabs and if I'm not on the slabs I'm paying too much attention to what I'm doing to be gawking at motorcycles. 

Other than that I saw a V11 Sport variant on the loop in Indy a month ago or so, and I saw a Guzzi Breva on a billboard in Harrisburg the other day that caught me off guard.  And of course as quick as I am with my camera, all three of these instances happened in traffic and I was not able to get the camera in time safely for photos.  Bummer.

So....any body gonna claim her?   ;D

BTW, I waved at the driver but he was looking the other way and never saw me.  Oh well.
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