Wildgoose Chase Moto Guzzi Visitors Pics Page 17

Track Day.jpg (46955 bytes)

Henk's 84 Le Mans 1000 IV from Holland 

calspecnew.jpg (50609 bytes)

Frank Smith's 2001 California Special of  Mansfield

Daniels Guzzi.jpg (50804 bytes)

Daniel's 1984 California II from Germany 

MilleGTleftrear.jpg (49755 bytes)

Erston Reisch's 90 Mille GT of Mandeville, Louisiana, USA

Buck Lewis's T3.jpg (34707 bytes)

Buck Lewis's 76 T3

John Ellis's 77 LeMans Mk Ia.jpg (84006 bytes)

John Ellis's 77 850 LeMans of Baltimore, MD

Peter McNulty's Monza.jpg (24068 bytes)

Peter and Nancy McNulty's 82 V50 Monza of Cranbury, NJ

Stephen Byarlay's 2000 v11 sport.jpg (27196 bytes)

Stephan Byarlay's 2000 V11 Sport of Albuquerque, NM

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