Wildgoose Chase Moto Guzzi Visitors Pics Page 21

rf.jpg (42589 bytes)

Gaar Potter's 1999 EV of Denver, CO  hayessp.jpg (41503 bytes) Jim Hayes '84 1000 SP of  Asheville NC 
map0000.jpg (46498 bytes) John Sutton's 73  Eldo of  Hickory, NC.  jeffstahl.jpg (59080 bytes) Jeff Stahl's 1999 Bassa of Evansville, IN
SmallRoosevelt7.jpg (48731 bytes) David Spaur's 99 Bassa of Queen Creek, AZ  terry on g5.jpg (58838 bytes) Terry Troutt on his 1978 G5, of Roseburg, Or.
Jukka Heikkinens 00 Jackal of England.jpg (47332 bytes) Jukka Heikkinen's 00 Jackal of England  Jim Robinson.jpg (46714 bytes) Jim Robinson's 2000 Jackal of Farmington Hills, Michigan 

All of these photos are included in the free Wildgoose Chase Moto Guzzi Screensaver.  Download it today.