Wildgoose Chase Moto Guzzi Visitors Pics Page 23

grattan_guzzi02.jpg (52704 bytes)

Tony Moey's Sport 1100i 

jackal2.jpg (28644 bytes)

Fred Jelich's 2000 Jackal from Wichita, Ks. 

SP1000  75th.jpg (70284 bytes)

Jim King's 1980 SP1000 and 1997 75th ann. Cal 1100 of Gentry,  AR 

randycx100.jpg (41074 bytes)

Randy Dawes' 80 CX100 of Yuba City, CA 

Randy87lemans4.jpg (46341 bytes)

Randy Dawes' 87 LeMans 4 of Yuba City, CA 

Randy80convert.jpg (54279 bytes)

Randy Dawes' 80 Convert of Yuba City, CA 

RandyJudy71ambo.jpg (60173 bytes)

Judy Dawes' Hacked 71 Ambassador of Yuba City, CA 

moto guzzi.jpg (52666 bytes)

Suzzette's 73 Eldo of  Lake Elsinore California  

All of these photos are included in the free Wildgoose Chase Moto Guzzi Screensaver.  Download it today.