Wildgoose Chase Moto Guzzi Visitors Pics Page 28

me and guzzi.jpg (31919 bytes)

 Matt Manfredi's 2000 jackal of  Anchorage Alaska 

100-0054_IMG.jpg (50844 bytes)

Tom Sharp's '96 sport of  Lompoc, Calif.

anglesey1.jpg (24608 bytes)

Simon Lester's '95 1100 Sport of Taunton, England.

me on Rosso.jpg (40248 bytes)

Roy Bertalotto's 2001 Rosso of North Dartmouth, Mass

anders.jpg (53111 bytes)

Anders Mangberg's 69 V700 of .Umea Sweden

bobliskom.jpg (42741 bytes)

Bob Liskom's 76 850 T3 of  Phoenicia NY

Cali II 2001 Hickory St..jpg (45601 bytes)

Terry Troutt's  Cal 2 of  Roseburg, Or.

mygirls.jpg (51543 bytes)

Luap McKeever's girls out for a spin on his 98 EV

All of these photos are included in the free Wildgoose Chase Moto Guzzi Screensaver.  Download it today. Send me your photo and I will get it posted on the next available page.