Wildgoose Chase Moto Guzzi Visitors Pics Page 77

toddshapirotitanium.jpg (38699 bytes) Todd Shapiro's 2003 Titanium of Jacksonville Florida tomau.jpg (50140 bytes) Tom Au's 1989 Le Mans V of Hawaii
jorge.jpg (28992 bytes) Jorge's 1984 LMIII in St Paul, MN momberger.jpg (33900 bytes)
Thomas Momberger's 1997 Guzzi Sporti of  
Boston, New York
luuk.jpg (51761 bytes) Luuk Vries' 1972 V7-850 GT with 1983 Walter sidecar. luuk850.jpg (59273 bytes) Luuk Vries' 1977 850 T3
robinhead.jpg (37333 bytes) Robin Head's California III from Sussex England margrave.jpg (30591 bytes) Jon Margrave's 02 California Special Sport, and 72 Eldorado Canoga Park, CA.

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