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General Discussion / Re: When is it a heart vs. a head decision?!
« Last post by inditx on Today at 10:13:51 AM »
Beautiful bike Bee and welcome!
General Discussion / Re: Stornello vs RE Himalayan vs KLR650?
« Last post by Lee Bruns on Today at 10:12:41 AM »
What does 80 mph have to do with the conversation.  We aren't talking about road touring bikes here. :wink: 
Everything else you say confirms what I said.  The DR is a large dirt bike, and the KLR is an inexpensive Adventure bike. The DR will go places the KLR wont, but the KLR will be more comfortable and has a longer range from the factory.

The ability to tour in the bike is literally one of the points. "ADV Touring" is the actual name of the class of bike. So the fact that the DR can comfortably cruise at 80 with a top speed of over 100 mph is also relevant. And again, the DR makes a fine touring bike. Just add windshield and bags. The larger tank on the KLR is only relevant if buyers leave the bikes stone stock. Which no one does anyway. The bigger tank for the DR is inexpensive. What is with the weird cult loyalty to the KLR? As long as the DR is still available, there is no reason to consider a KLR.
General Discussion / Re: NGC New BSA Gold Star
« Last post by Dimitri_Harkov on Today at 10:07:36 AM »
Nice one!

And since we have a company here that imports both the Czech and the Indian Jawas, I have high hopes they will give us the BSA too.

I would certainly love to test ride it.

General Discussion / Re: Visit USA
« Last post by SIR REAL ED on Today at 10:07:28 AM »

More advice:

You might want to watch the movie "My Cousin Vinny" a few times before you visit.

A female Russian PhD. Physicist I worked with told me that after hearing her accent, a lot of Americans ask her to repeat the phrase "Squirrel must die!"  Made famous by the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons.

Don't be surprised if some Americans ask you to translate the song that the Swedish Chef from the Muppets is singing.

Thanks for the feed back.  Wire harness is a good idea even though mine appears to be in great shape, don't want to chase electrical problems.  I'm pulling the front cover and installing a new timing chain, auto tensioner, and new rotor/brushes.

On another topic... I don't want to powder coat the frame as per Kent @ GMD Computrac's recommendation. My painter suggested PPG Ditzler Hot Rod Black . It's a multi-part single stage Acrylic Urethane topcoat applied over a primer. I was planning on using it for all the black bits... the frame, swing-arm, foot controls, triple trees, headlight bucket/lens and the clip-ons. It claims to be a satin finish but I haven't been able to find any samples since it's a kit and the PPG stores can't mix it so I'm a bit concerned that I won't see it before it's being laid down but I'm thinking we'll do a sample and see if it's ok before proceeding, worse case we toss it if we have to and move on to plan b. There are other kit's like this from SEM and Eastwood that might have a bit more gloss to them.

Related note... I removed my VIN plate in preparation for frame painting by using a curved head bolt along with a coupler nut that you stick into the neck and expand by unscrewing the nut. Worked perfectly... the drive screws look like new but MG Cycle has replacements I'll use.

Question for those who have had their wheels recoated.  My rear wheel is disassembled except for the sleeve that is pressed into the wheel. Do I need to remove this before powder coating and/or before chemically stripping the paint on the wheel?  If so, does this need to be pressed out by a machine shop or is it something I can do?
General Discussion / Re: NGC New BSA Gold Star
« Last post by 9fingers on Today at 09:51:26 AM »
BSA is being developed for export from India, while Jawa is being kept for the Indian market. They are nice too!

And when they bought BSA they also bought Pininfarina, the Italian engineering and design firm, who almost surely had a big hand in the new bikes. Smart move on Mahindra's part.
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General Discussion / Re: NGC New BSA Gold Star
« Last post by dxhall on Today at 09:45:40 AM »
Interesting that the retro Gold Star puts out 45 or so HP, where the retro Enfield single is only 29 or so.  I’d be tempted by the Gold Star.  Putting together a US dealership network, though, is a huge undertaking and I don’t see it happening.  Remember Motus?
General Discussion / Re: Fuel injected fuel hose from the petcock
« Last post by sdcr on Today at 09:43:58 AM »
I tried sourcing the 7/16” this week, and none of the big “ autoxxx” stores carried it, or were inclined to order it.
My local Carquest store in Doylestown was out If it, but Kevin  said, “ I’ll have your hose tomorrow, “. Sure enough, they called Friday and said my hose was in.  Excellent service, and I picked up Some extra stuff there as well.
General Discussion / Re: V100 Mandello Merged Threadfest
« Last post by lucian on Today at 09:41:25 AM »
Nice ,but not sure the tank would fit with all the intake stuff going on between the vee on that new motor
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