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Title: 75 850T scratch build
Post by: pat80flh on February 26, 2017, 12:53:27 PM
  So, being officially in love with Guzzi engines, and  having a passion for vintage motorcycles, I've sold my R90/6 to fund a vintage Guzzi project. After seeing more than one deal disappear in mere hours, I decided to do it the hard way.
(http://thumb.ibb.co/dVLkDv/guzpartstable3.jpg) (http://ibb.co/dVLkDv)

(http://thumb.ibb.co/jJKO0a/overview.jpg) (http://ibb.co/jJKO0a)

(http://thumb.ibb.co/b5G30a/frame1.jpg) (http://ibb.co/b5G30a)

    I found a local guy on craigslist who was listing a frame, block, and title for $100. I then found a guy on e-bay selling a 5 speed trans. After talking to him, I've secured an engine, trans, swing arm and final drive. $1200,deposit paid, going to drive to Okla-dam-homa in a couple of weeks to pick it up. I then bought the rest  of the pile from the man with the frame for another $500.

   So I've got most of the big pieces. The plan is to make a simple,standard, motorcycle. I like an upright riding position.

   Mama is a little unhappy, it looks like the FLH may have to wait another year for her resurrection, but she may be coming around, I think she loves this project.
(http://thumb.ibb.co/iGgaDv/mama.jpg) (http://ibb.co/iGgaDv)

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Title: Re: 75 850T scratch build
Post by: canuck750 on February 26, 2017, 01:28:01 PM
Nice!  I like projects that start with almost nothing and through the magic of Ebay and the post office turn into a motorcycle.

Keep us posted,

Title: Re: 75 850T scratch build
Post by: Groover on February 26, 2017, 01:31:10 PM
Good story intro. I'm hooked, following this now.
Title: Re: 75 850T scratch build
Post by: troyhamilton on February 26, 2017, 02:08:12 PM
ive saw that 850-t in mustang for a while.
Title: Re: 75 850T scratch build
Post by: Scud on February 26, 2017, 05:05:11 PM
Cool.  It looks like the parts you got are all in great condition too.   :popcorn:
Title: Re: 75 850T scratch build
Post by: pat80flh on February 27, 2017, 04:27:00 AM
Yes, all the stuff I got yesterday looks real nice. The header pipes look brand new, I don't think they've ever been run. Same for the front wheel, looks like NOS.  I've got 4 mufflers, 2 used, that look real nice, 2 brand new, never used. The drivetrain was advertised as having been gone through, here's hoping. I plan to swap everything in the motor to the case I have, so we'll be up close and personal with all the innards.  I'll be going for the drivetrain the weekend after next, 2600 miles in 3 days.

  Disclaimer: I'm 59 but feel much older. I'm still working 40+ hours a week at a job that is becoming more and more physically taxing.  I support and care for my elderly mother, the house needs painting,  as well as a completing the room by room rehab.
The Bassa needs fork seals and service for the season, and the V65C still has a couple of niggling issues before I pronounce it "done". So as Grampa used to say, "Don't hold your hand over your ass while you're waiting, or you're likely to be one-handed for awhile."
Title: Re: 75 850T scratch build
Post by: troyhamilton on February 27, 2017, 07:31:07 AM
youll be coming within a few miles of our place, if you take I 49 or I 40, I sold a 850-t in that area a few years ago. if your coming thru and need anything get ahold of me.
Title: Re: 75 850T scratch build
Post by: pat80flh on March 14, 2017, 05:19:22 AM
    So, this past weekend I took Friday off from work, rented a brand new Chevy pickup from work, and drove to Oklahoma and got my drivetrain. An epic journey, 1400 miles one way. A LOT of driving. 15 hours the first day got me well into Missouri. I am an old guy now, with not so great night vision, so at 9:00 PM I stopped and got a room in Lebanon MO. Up at 5:30 the next morning, got to OKC around 11:00, after some real clusterfuck construction in Tulsa. Made the deal, loaded the truck, reversed direction, made it past St Louis and well into Illinois before I stopped the second night, in a little town called Powhatan, where I rented the worlds worst motel.  The wi-fi didn't work....the horror.  I am the only remaining person on the planet without a cell phone, and I had promised the wife I would check in from the road, so after a bit of searching I found a signal at a gas station and e-mailed her from the tablet I brought with me.  Did I mention the room had no phone either?

    Day 3 on the road took me through Indianapolis,  Dayton, Cleveland, Buffalo, then home finally. Rolled in the door about 7:30 PM, so 2800 miles  in  61.5 hours. Thank God for XM radio and the Grateful Dead channel. I have never been to Oklahoma, very pretty country, not at all what I'd imagined. Missouri too seemed nice, I'd love to get out there and explore , off the superslab. Someday...

     Pictures will follow of the stuff I got. Engine, transmission, rear drive, u-joint, swingarm.  The plan will be to strip the engine, and put all the parts into my matching numbers case, clean and reseal the trans and rear drive. I've been busy on e-bay too, got some brake calipers, fenders, and other odds and ends. The engine came without carbs, I've got a pair of Mikuni's someone had mounted on my old /6, I'd like to make those work if possible. I've also got to figure out controls, gauges, wiring.  I plan to build this as an inexpensive(relatively) runner, it will already be a bitsa, so I'm not going to try to make it original, just clean and functional.  I'd also like to have linked brakes.

     It was just my luck that the day after I put a deposit on the parts, a wrecked T-3 came up for sale that would have been a fantastic resource/donor. Quite a bit closer to home too. But once I commit to something, not much can dissuade me, and doing things the hard way is the norm for me.

     I want to thank the members who PMed me with offers of help on the road, since I was passing near to them. Also thanks to Dave in OKC, who sold me the parts and held them for a couple of weeks until I could arrange to get them. Sincerely a nice guy with a huge, fantastic collection of motorcycles. Thanks to NCAMother, who sold me a rear fender cheap on e-bay.  Thanks to Charlie for his B.U.G. thread, so I have some idea of how a Guzzi goes together.  Waiting for spring and the garage to warm up.......
Title: Re: 75 850T scratch build
Post by: Groover on March 14, 2017, 07:06:15 AM
I'm surprised Charlie's super mega shop heater doesn't heat up the whole north-east side of the country... Sounds like you're getting closer in getting all the pieces of the puzzle. Looking forward in seeing more on this project, but get some rest first after that journey!
Title: Re: 75 850T scratch build
Post by: Antietam Classic Cycle on March 14, 2017, 09:23:43 AM
 :thumb: I have miscellaneous bits and pieces left over from the Convert I parted out if you should happen to need anything.
Title: Re: 75 850T scratch build
Post by: Perazzimx14 on March 14, 2017, 05:43:49 PM
I have a new bow type timing chain tensioner and a new diode board if you interested. Plus some other odds and ends laying around. I'll let the parts go for 50% of retail + shipping
Title: Re: 75 850T scratch build
Post by: pat80flh on April 03, 2017, 04:45:09 AM
Finally had a free Sunday, no grand- kids, trips, company, or crisis's. Got to pull everything out of the garage, stuff the (broken) snowblower to the back, pull the (broken) lawn mower out, clean and rearrange everything.  Uncrate and assemble my spankin new Harbor Freight lift, pile all the T parts I've got  together, and generally prepare my workspace for spring. I also built a new workbench.
    First up on the new lift is the Bassa, which looks like it will get the bulk of the miles this season. Going to do oil and filter, and fork seals, that's about all it needs. Next will be the V65, I need to update the final drive, rebuild the rear master cylinder, and replace the petcock screens.  Then we can get serious with the T project.
Title: Re: 75 850T scratch build
Post by: pat80flh on July 09, 2017, 08:17:23 AM
   OK, it's been a hectic time, not the least of which was the death of my mother, who I've been caring for the last eight years.The house has also been demanding of my attention, but last weekend it rained all day Saturday, and I finally got out to the garage.(http://<br />[url=http://ibb.co/nrHbpa][img]http://thumb.ibb.co/nrHbpa/garage.jpg)[/url]

direct image link (http://imgbb.com/)

     I rearranged stuff, the Bassa and the V65c are both in service and being  ridden on a rotating basis. It only made sense to put the Harley on the lift, to clear out some room. It does tug at my heartstrings a little , she's calling me now.....

    I had a Friday off, and took that opportunity to go to the DMV. As you may remember, I bought a frame, bare engine case, and title, from one man, and a donor drive train from another. Before I went too far, I wanted to make sure there were no problems with the title. So I insured the  bike, and headed to the office. I lucked out and got a very cooperative young lady, lots of times stuff like 40 year old motorcycles or 5 digit VINs send them into a tizzy. I told her I didn't know how we were going to tax it, maybe market value ?  She went through the paperwork, oops, this insurance card is no good, they didn't know how to handle a 5 digit VIN either. She actually called Progressives customer service, and made them correct it and fax it to her. She really went the extra mile for me, thanks to Wanda at Canandaigua DMV, I walked out, taxed licensed, insured, and titled all for $85.

   So, back to the rainy weekend, I decided to tear down the donor engine, and see what we bought.  Both cases are "VC", which I'm taking to mean both were 1975 850Ts . Good so far
(http://thumb.ibb.co/d3AXvF/donor.jpg) (http://ibb.co/d3AXvF)

     So off came the rocker, and heads, pretty straight forward. Valve train looks good, rockers, pins, push rods etc. all look good to me.  Valves look pretty well worn to me.
(http://thumb.ibb.co/d8pE9a/head_s.jpg) (http://ibb.co/d8pE9a)

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(http://thumb.ibb.co/hGtVhv/head_d.jpg) (http://ibb.co/hGtVhv)

On to the barrels and pistons. It's really my first full Guzzi teardown, and I've never seen chrome bores, Do I or don't I? The first cylinder was hard to tell. The piston was quite well worn, the bore was very scuffed up worn, with these strange little "stars".
(http://thumb.ibb.co/jD2CvF/piston.jpg) (http://ibb.co/jD2CvF)

(http://thumb.ibb.co/hcLbNv/chrome_stars.jpg) (http://ibb.co/hcLbNv)

   The second cylinder tells the story, uhh yeah, I've got shot chrome bores. I was pretty much expecting that anyway.
(http://thumb.ibb.co/n9a49a/chrome_peel.jpg) (http://ibb.co/n9a49a)

what is image hosting (http://imgbb.com/)

  Someone has been in this engine at least once, judging by the punch marks on the crank nut, but it still has the crappy rubber tensioner. Oil pump looks....ok, Not sure about that.  Crankshaft looks pretty darn good, same for cam and followers.
(http://thumb.ibb.co/m3Ud2v/crank.jpg) (http://ibb.co/m3Ud2v)

   So everything is pretty much going according to plan, if not timetable.  New front and rear main bearings, new rod bearings, new cylinders and pistons. New chain and tensioner.   It appears this engine was running, but well worn.  I'll have to inspect the oil pump closer, but I'm leaning toward just replacing it. The heads need to go out, any recommendations, who is a reliable Guzzi head rebuilder?

Title: Re: 75 850T scratch build
Post by: Mike on July 10, 2017, 01:48:12 PM
Hi, sorry a bit late,not been here for a while
Before you rebild the engine take a goood look at the back end of the camshaft/block  alu tends to wear out arround about 200th.  there`s no
 oil filter in most of the Tīs would also be a good idea to use a T3 oil pan, well worth it on a rebild.
Title: Re: 75 850T scratch build
Post by: Lee Davis on August 26, 2017, 03:28:02 PM
Concerning rebuilding Guzzi heads, that can be done my any competent head rebuilder. There is nothing special about Guzzi heads that would need a specialist. Grind and lap valves, dress seats, replace guides as necessary... very basic
Title: Re: 75 850T scratch build
Post by: pat80flh on November 11, 2017, 05:19:05 AM
So, an update.

Life keeps getting in the way, not much work getting done on the T. Life has not kept me, however, from turning into a real ebay lurker, and spending money on used parts at a rate which would make a drunken sailor blush. One of these days I'll dig through my paypal history and total my expenses so far, or maybe I don't want to know. There's a lot of damn parts on a motorcycle. I've built basket cases before, but this is a little different.

          First a little back story....  about 10 years ago I went through a financially devastating divorce.  ( Q,  Do you know why divorces are so expensive?   Answer,   They're worth it!).    I was shopping for a home, knowing that I would be stuck with the ex-wifes mortgage as well. I needed something cheap.   One day, while visiting Mom, it occurred to me that she was getting quite old, and weak, not getting around well, poor health and in an upstairs apartment.  I ended up with a 3200 sq. ft. drafty old  foreclosure.   I carved out a downstairs bed and bath for Mom, made parts of the house livable, and carried on. The house is quite old, and was added on to at least three times.  One of those additions was a concrete slab "sun room", off the right side of the house, which became Moms living room.  She always asked me, "What are you going to do with all this space after I'm gone?"   Well, here's the answer.....
(http://thumb.ibb.co/jY5knb/DSCN0004.jpg) (http://ibb.co/jY5knb)

      The uninsulated garage has three motorcycles, two tons of coal, lawn mower, snowblower, as well as all the detritus left with Mom by my 5 siblings. So I decided to move the project indoors. I am not heating the sunroom this winter, I put a plastic curtain up to isolate it from the rest of the house, but at least there is (electric) heat available on demand.

   So now I'm mocking up the bike.
(http://thumb.ibb.co/e3YzDG/DSCN0010.jpg) (http://ibb.co/e3YzDG)

(http://thumb.ibb.co/fwQknb/DSCN0020.jpg) (http://ibb.co/fwQknb)

       My goals, which may change at any time, build a reliable, simple, functional daily driver.  Standard seating position. I would like to avoid cutting or adding any tabs to frame, I am not sure this is possible, but so far so good.  Alloy wheels, triple disc brakes, linked . I'd like to keep the space above the trans open, like a cafe bike.

     I have mounted a modern, waterproof fuse/relay box under the seat, which I'm hoping will be enough to run all the electrics on the bike. 5 relays, let's see, starter, horn, high beam, low beam, ignition feed.
(http://thumb.ibb.co/hOBHiG/DSCN0014.jpg) (http://ibb.co/hOBHiG)

(http://thumb.ibb.co/mAaciG/DSCN0017.jpg) (http://ibb.co/mAaciG)

(http://thumb.ibb.co/iBURcb/DSCN0022.jpg) (http://ibb.co/iBURcb)

     I am playing with the idea of mounting the battery under the seat, using the Odyssey 680 as a template, which is what I run in the Bassa.   It's tight, but I think I can make it work. Wouldn't mind it a little smaller though. Anyone know, how small a battery can I get away with?   Bike will be minimalist, probably stock Bosch charging system, no heated anything.

     I've procured a cheap Chinese LED headlamp, and speedometer.   The cylinder heads are at the machine shop for overhaul.  I'm close to starting to spend the real money soon, pistons, cylinders, main bearings etc, but probably not until after the holidays.
Title: Re: 75 850T scratch build
Post by: troyhamilton on November 11, 2017, 07:50:00 AM
glad its going well. I rode mine yesterday. now this cajun is wondering what a snow blower is...we rarely even get snow in Arkansas.