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General Discussion / Limey V7 Sport on BaT.
« Last post by sdcr on Today at 01:30:37 PM »
Love this color on a V7. Should be interesting to what this goes for.

General Discussion / Re: Suggestions for a trip
« Last post by nwguy on Today at 01:27:13 PM »
Camped now along the Buffalo River near Harriet, AR. This is perhaps the most beautiful campground I’ve seen. Vast grassy fields mixed with deciduous forest along side the Buffalo River. Rock cliffs line the far side of the river. Waters are murky in Arkansas rivers. I’m in a “walk-in tent site” at this campground, which happens to be near a pavillion. A bearded, friendly fellow called over to me and asked if I’d mind if a group played bluegrass music in the Pavillion. Imagine my response! He said “if I have anything please join in”. Me? My ukulele? Haven’t had that much liquor yet. Anyway they’re warming up now.

The churchbells in Aux Arcs/Ozarks rang at 4:00 this morning. I counted the bells lying awake in my tent. Dozed for another REM cycle and began the task of making breakfast and breaking camp. This trip has made me learn to relax when doing this. In past camp trips there’s always a sense of urgency to break camp. Now, for me, it’s just one thing at a time till I’m all set and everything’s packed. What else is there to do except to get on the road.

I started today riding “The Pigs Trail”, north on 23 out of Ozark. Meh. It’s a cruiser road with a little bit of twisties, and moderate traffic.

They’re playing “If I only had a brain” over in the pavillion now.

Then 16 east woke me up. Perfect pavement, no gravel, no traffic whatsoever and linked 20 to 45 mph curves the entire time. Paradise. Heaven. A dream come true. Forest, fields, farms, country houses, rivers and cliffs line the roads. Many Ozark roads follow a ridge, sometimes for tens of miles. Feels like Skyline Drive in Virginia all to yourself. As my friend Joseph once said after riding FS 25 near Mt. St. Helens before it deteriorated, “It feels like I’m dancing”.

I rode The Pigs Trail, the Arkansas Dragon and The copperhead today. Also many connecting roads that rivaled the named roads. 410 miles of riding, all in the Ozarks. Not done yet though. I have about a half a day of more good roads to cover, then a short drive to Jonesboro, AR where I’ll get a motel before having my rear tire changed on Friday morning. Have been monitoring it’s use and think I’ve timed it so the chords may start showing on the way to the dealer in Jonesboro. Then fresh rubber for all the important roads in GA, TN and NC. Will visit a high school friend I haven’t seen in at least 40 years near Atlanta. He lives in Savannah but says he’ll meet me someplace closer to the mountains.

fb welcome post
General Discussion / Re: People are hoarding gasoline down by me
« Last post by SIR REAL ED on Today at 01:15:25 PM »
Cheerfully stolen from another site with the heading.. They walk among us.. :shocked: :grin:

silly behavior.  I woulda just filled up the trunk with gasoline.....
General Discussion / Re: People are hoarding gasoline down by me
« Last post by SIR REAL ED on Today at 01:14:29 PM »
If that's the case then a big Thank You is in order and I took it too personally. I'll blame it on the post-pneumonia steroids making me irritable and overly sensitive.  :rolleyes:


that's been my experience thruout most of life.  People who get offended are those who take stuff personally and are overly sensitive.

the day one realizes that is like the day you lance a painful boil.
General Discussion / Re: What hath I bought?
« Last post by Tom on Today at 01:07:52 PM »
Good luck!   :thumb:
General Discussion / Re: Clutch service life
« Last post by moto-uno on Today at 01:07:02 PM »
^ I'm going with "Waynes"  4th idea  :bow:. Peter
General Discussion / Re: What hath I bought?
« Last post by Bulldog9 on Today at 12:59:53 PM »
   I bought a pile of parts from facebook, from the neighbor of a deceased gentleman, who is helping the family. Looks like he was amassing parts for a disc brake Eldo?  The good news, nice freshly powdercoated frame. Bad news, no badge.  Bare engine cases, most of engine in boxes, excluding crankshaft and flywheel. Shot chrome cylinders. Nice box of powdercoated parts, swing arm, rear shocks, triple trees, air cleaner, tool boxes.  A front and rear wheel and brake assemblies with good splines, rear drive with good splines. A box of Tokico and Summitomo calipers, a master, and some levers.   Original gauges, speedo disassembled.   Engine case vin VP58337.

     There is a long list of parts needed to return this to a road going bike.  I paid $900.

Thou hast bought thine self a deal and fun project.......... Congrats!  :bow:
General Discussion / Re: Moto Guzzis in space!
« Last post by DesertPilot on Today at 12:58:56 PM »
It does raise the question what kind of motos astronauts from other countries ride.  Do American astronauts ride Road Kings, Japanese R1s, and Indians Royal Enfield Himalayans, while Russian cosmonauts all ride Urals?
General Discussion / Re: HD doens't want electric motorcycles
« Last post by Ncdan on Today at 12:47:23 PM »
Its actually a corollary to #1  :thumb: :grin:
Lol, got me on that one🤔
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