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1978 Le Mans restoration

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Looking great, Bruce!!  I agree with will not regret the Lafranconi's.   Great sound and flow, but not obnoxious.   I have a buddy that always rides behind me just because he likes the sound. 

Bike looks terrific! 

Dave Swanson:

--- Quote from: Huzo on May 12, 2022, 08:10:22 PM ---Is that a picture of my Mum sitting on your right handlebar ?

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You have quite the Mum!   :grin:

I've been enjoying my Le Mans, have put about 400 miles on it since the restoration, it's marvelous. Here's some local ride videos shot with my GoPro mounted to my helmet for those who may be interested. I typically don't play music over the video track... the noises produced by these bikes is part of the experience. (excessive wind noise, ugh, but great road... Rt 136 N GA)

FWIW, I became sold on video taping my rides since I know there will be a day (still a long way off hopefully) when I can't ride anymore and these videos will be the only way to experience motorcycle riding. I have a friend that uses a 360 degree camera that's truly amazing since you can pick/change your POV afterwards while editing the video. For instance, you can see an oncoming vehicle, watch it pass you, and see it recede from view behind you. I need to get one of those... in my mind it's worth getting this process right so you can enjoy later.

Dave Swanson:
I enjoyed the videos!  Great bike! It sounds like it is running perfectly.


--- Quote from: Dave Swanson on August 05, 2022, 09:06:51 AM ---I enjoyed the videos!  Great bike! It sounds like it is running perfectly.

--- End quote ---
Yeah it's running good (thanks to Charlie and Steve) and a blast to ride. It gets a lot of attention wherever I stop, virtually no one as seen one before and are shocked to hear it's 44 yrs old. Around 750 miles on it since the restoration. I need to change the oil, do another head torque and carb sync. Only issue I'm having is the throttle is a bit sticky. Seems to hang on to RPMs sometimes when I'm coming off throttle after a constant speed. Blipping the throttle releases it. Tried to lubricate and relocate the cables, not quite solved yet. 

I have a number of other ride videos posted to my YouTube channel "Broken Stick Motorcycle Rides" for anyone with time on their hands. A couple on my Ducati as well with more on the way. Hoping to trailer the Le Mans up to NC mountains for some riding in the fall.


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