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79 G5 Build

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First post for my G5 Build. Iím a new member and will be asking many questions.  I bought this G5 a little unwillingly about a year ago:

The original owner kept it in a shed unridden since 1987 and it was pretty rusty with about 17000 miles. I bought it for $200.00 and stuck it in my storage unit until I recently finished a Norton Commando restoration, which was my first full retro where I did all the work ( other than paint and head work) myself:

I tore the Guzzi apart over the past three weeks:

Now the aluminum is at the vapor honer and all of the frame and steel parts have been blasted and are getting a light prime coat. The crank, rods, pistons, cylinders, heads and gears look great.  My plan is to mock-up the build in prime, sort tank and seat, battery and regulator etc. placement, de-tab unnecessary frame parts and then disassemble, paint the steel and re-assemble.  Iíve bought a Motogadget m-blue for electrics.

While finishing the Norton I got hooked on images of round case custom builds.  I just love the frames, wheels and engines.  But already owning some stock standard style bikes I want to try more of a cruiser. Iíve got a set of floorboard frame rails with boards and several fuel tanks ( Lemans III, Honda CB450 and 360 and the G5).  Iíd like to keep the frame seat mounts stock to maintain flexibility, may use a solo seat and bread loaf pillion.  I have in mind a mild custom version of a Dover White BMW /2 which sounds strange, but that is where I am now.  Also Iím going to weld in side car mounts before painting the frame.

My real problem is that right now I donít have a solid vision, only ideas.  Iíve found a lot of gorgeous round case builds on line but most are cafe bikes or restorations.  Hopefully I can find a look that works.

This all sounds ambitious, but Iíve found the Guzzi a dream to work on after the Norton.  The Guzzi is all metric and is built like a tank.  Assemblies make sense and fit well.  The engine is as gorgeous as the Norton but in a different way.

Iíll keep posting and asking.  Thanks everyone for watching. Ben

Very good. I will be following since I have G5 project too.

Watching this as well. Huge fan of the G5 models. Looking forward in seeing the development. Good luck, and thanks for making a build thread.

+1 on thanks for the build thread!

I think if you are planning to actually use the bike you will be happy for not going the cafť racer route. I started mine out as a cafť racer with clip-ons and all the stuff, but it was unbearable to ride for very long. The footrest was just way too high in combination with the clip-ons. I changed my clip-ons to a proper handlebar and I have to say that other than being a lot more comfortable, the bike actually rides a lot better with the new riding position.

The cafť racers do look really cool, but unless you are planning to full on race it all the time, then you will have a much more useful motorcycle with a more upright seating position. And just because you have a more upright seating position doesn't mean that you can't make all the cool engine mods too :)


Thanks for the encouragement all - thanks Ulrik for saying what I think I think.  My 71 BMW /5 has perfect riding position as a standard with moderate pull back bars.  I had a Ď68 /2 with a solo saddle and bread loaf pillion that also looked and felt just right.  Iím just not sure I can get that look right on a tonti frame.  Steel parts are blasted and primed.  Iíll post a photo as soon as photobucket gets back on line. Ben


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