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If You Find Yourself Riding in Texas

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The Texas Monthly top 50 barbecue joints list is out, along with another 50 honorable mentions. 
Tastes vary.  Arguments ensue.  There are places I think should be on the list that aren't.


Having lived here for a year now

1.  Texas is real proud of the BBQ.  $30/lb for brisket seems to be an average rate.  Pulled pork is usually over $20/lb. 
2.  Most of the places overdo their slaw. 
3.  What passes for pecan pie would not survive one of my South Carolina family reunions.

My favorites around Austin, so far:

1.  Valentina's- If you are going by just the meats they really nail that.
2.  Terry Black's-  It's the best experience everything considered.  This is where I take visitors.
3.  Riverside in Wimberly-  It's a nice ride over there, its not crowded, and there is usually a guy playing guitar outside.  And the pork belly is good.
4.  Loro on South Lamar-  Mainly because it's different with an Asian twist.
5.  Rudy's- the bbq prime rib is good stuff.
6. H.E.B. True Kitchen- If you are just doing takeout you can save some bucks.  The one I-35 and Slaughter is as good as most and a whole lot cheaper.

That's it so far.  More research is being performed however :)

Few years ago I stopped at Bodacious BBQ on I-20 around Tyler TX and there was a black V7II Guzzi in the parking lot . I had some of the best BBQ I ever had and talked to the Guzzi owner and he told me and about Wildgoose  Chase Moto Guzzi I wish I could remember his name he was from Texas . Dilliw is right about HEB BBQ on I-35 & Slaughter and it 5 min. from home Salt Lick is great too .

I've sampled BBQ everywhere.  I'll give the BEEF BBQ in south central Texas as outstanding, especially the "dinosaur" Short Rids, Brisket and Clod.  The pork is pretty good with the slow smoked prep but has the same salt & pepper seasoning that's on the beef- not BBQ seasoning as expected in Memphis or KC (or Okla). 

I was just in Dallas, looking for some short ribs- couldn't find them.  I lived in Texas for 5 years and wasn't impressed with BBQ, mostly an imitation of of KC (Okla)- perhaps that's East TX BBQ?.  But I never went to Lockhart or Llano back then and tried the beef or their version of pork, all outstanding.

Anyway, I'd like some recommendations for DFW, San Ant, Houston, etc.  But no one can can go wrong in Lockhart, just don't expect KC BBQ sauce. 


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