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V85 problem

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The problem with 2021 V85TT was not value adjustment, CO2 monitor how about low fuel pressure.  Pressure should be 40 psi as per technician but my was low 20ís.  Now we or wanting on parts.  Had to leave the V85 in OK. City.  Down to riding sportster or speedmaster for now.  My Jackal needs a Battery, the SE with sidecar my be ridden.  But Just see how long the V85 is in the shop.Rudy

My EV is at the same shop because it has no charge. 

1. My laptop crapped on Friday

2. My EV crapped out on Sunday

3. Today my stereo AVR crapped out

4. And cooking tonight on the patio, my chargeable flashlight quit despite being fully charged a couple of days ago.

I think I might be allergic to electricity and electrical devices.   :sad:

Yes, they did roll a Gray EV off the left to roll my on for about a hour and half.  I reminded Don my is only 3 months old. Itís under warranty.  But that probably want get the partís any faster now dayís.

my EV is red & white. 

Note on V85 air filter, got to remove the battery to get to air filter box and remove 4 clips which fall off and then remove screws to get to filter. My bike had oil on the filter and oil in the filter box.  I told them Chang The Filter( the tech said every 10,000) miles I said 9,000 is close enough. I guess wanting to ride to Tn. next month is on hold.Rudy


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