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Timothy Parr
59 years old
Retired Air Traffic Controller
bought a Ural sidecar as a my first bike in 2018, Wanted to experience two wheels so I rebuilt a 1969 Moto Guzzi, Then got its grandson, a 2019 V7III for my son and daughter to ride with me.

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Manuel Fontecha. La Rioja (Spain).
Interests: Motorcycles and Rock and Roll.
Nice to be here!!!

Hello everyone,

I am MrBreeze, aka Jeff IRL. I hail from Tennessee. I am about to turn 63 and I recently acquired my first Moto Guzzi, a 2007 Breva 1100. I have owned about 25 other bikes, all but one was Japanese. I also owned a BMW R1100R for a couple of years. Currently I also have a 2012 Goldwing in the garage. It's a great bike and really good at two up, for that annual ride with Mrs. B.

The Breva belonged to my uncle, who is pushing 75 now. He called me up one day and asked me if I would be interested in buying the Breva. Of course I said "yes".

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Hi everyone,

I'm Matt from Charlotte, NC. I've been exclusively a Japanese bike guy, but I've just ordered a 2022 V85TT Travel after test riding a base model. I'm looking forward to learning more about Moto Guzzis while I wait (not so) patiently for my new bike to arrive! Other bikes in the garage are:

1975 Suzuki TS250
1978 Yamaha RD400E (undergoing restoration)
1982 Kawasaki AR80
1993 Suzuki GSX1100G

The name is Dave

I have been in the auto repair industry for 28 years

Old enough to know better, still young enough to not care.

Denton (Redneckistan) NC

Multiple rides:
07 1200 Norge  51K MILES
07 R1200RT  97K MILES
07 Vulcan 900 Classic LT  78K MILES
02 YZF600R  117K MILES

Love them all.

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