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I know that many owners thought that the 750 Breva had the best seat.  Comfortable, with the most planted feel.

Later bikes did not seem to capture that.
General Discussion / Re: Hello from Italy
« Last post by inditx on Today at 09:52:48 PM »
How completely odd, my experience is that the original wiring was barely adequate at the time. We had weekly adventures in the 80ís of 10 year old bikes with starting/charging/ misfiring issues.
Or worse, the odd fire !
Main culprit of course is the mass of unfused wiring , through main ignition switch , kill switch, coils, points etc.
Completely mad
The feed for starter relay has already travelled to the ignition switch, back to the fuse box before getting to starter relay. The relay itself was never the problem. Charlieís suggestion of new feed the very least thatís needed.
Sensible man fuses the entire wiring loom, rectifier, ignition, everything
Jackson, next time read the thread (take a gander at my post below).

Yeah, I did, first paragraph of my reply is search result for rose, rod spherical end. I expected anagram but discovered Rose bearing company. Everyday a school-day, especially for you it seems.
Helm is yank patent, Rose is uK one
Divided by a common language etc etc

read the flipping quote before yapping, it may not interest you but others like trivia

Oddly we call the male or female  rod ends Rose joints but the pressed into shock eye etc round ones, Helm joints, go figure
General Discussion / Re: First ride in over a year
« Last post by Vagrant on Today at 08:43:25 PM »
Make a 30 degree ramp out of a 2 x 2' piece of plywood so your toes are up in the air above the heels and stand on it for 15 minutes twice a day. It stretches the tendon and stops the heel spurs in their tracks.
General Discussion / Re: Convert Startus interruptus prevention.
« Last post by TOMB on Today at 08:10:25 PM »
I had I had the same issue as my convert. I decided to just pull the wires off the existing relay and mount the wires to a new relay. Some place else on their bike. That way, I didn't have to take off the dialed board master cylinder. It's set or a fuse block which is easier to pull-down the wires. And attach them to a new relay and use tie wrap. So it's the easy way to spend that way for a whole fifteen years
General Discussion / Re: more cager madness
« Last post by Zenermaniac on Today at 08:06:58 PM »
Iíve been riding more than double the years you have and no time in all those years have I felt as unsafe as I do now. I think the past 5 years drivers have gotten exponentially worse. Iíve wondered lately the same as you. Should I be thankful Iíve made it this far and call it a day or defiantly ride above it all? So far Iím not letting them steal my joy. A little prayer before mounting up canít hurt.
General Discussion / Re: Convert Startus interruptus prevention.
« Last post by bmc5733946 on Today at 08:03:16 PM »
I make that direct wire from the battery 12 gauge with a 30 amp fuse in a covered sealed holder as shown below. I make it a point to do it on every Moto Guzzi that stays with me whether visiting or owned. It just makes sense. The older bikes are usually not much trouble but the wiring guage on the fuel injected bikes is minimal at best causing several problems. I also increase the guage on battery charge wires and ground wires adding extra grounds as a matter of course. Grounds especially at the steering neck and transmission cover or a bellhousing bolt are always suspect in my book. I use copper never sieze or vaseline as seems reasonable.
These fuse holders are available in most automotive supply houses.

General Discussion / Re: Convert Startus interruptus prevention.
« Last post by bigbikerrick on Today at 06:46:42 PM »
Thanks guys, I will have to check the battery amperage.
Hi Folks, I have read over the years about the startus interruptus issue, and note that it seems to mostly affect the FI bikes, especially the CARC bikes. Although I have not had issues as of yet, I would like to do the "fix" on my 76 vert to prevent possible future problems.

On this bike ,the starter relay is located hidden behind the rear brake master cyl. and is the thing with the big clear plastic cover.  Should I remove and replace this relay with a modern relay, or just  leave  it in place, and simply wire in a new relay, with its own fused power wire direct from the battery +, with the trigger wire being the wire that originally  connects to the starter spade connector?
 Thanks guys,
Rick D.

If the original relay is still working, keep using it. I do run a direct, fused, wire from the battery to the 30 terminal (may be numbered different on the o.e. relay). It definitely helps. 
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