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bad Chad:
Nope. A playground is not a gym.

Chuck in Indiana:
I'd say it's close enough.  :smiley: What's your tag?

bad Chad:
Okay, maybe I'm looking at this from another perspective.   I guess if you want to say a kids playground is close enough to a gym, right out of the box I think we are setting this up to go off the rails quite rapidly.  If we are going to play fast and loose with the concept, I suspect it will quickly degenerate into just another pic thread, and lose the game part.   Even more important, is the need to make all pics present day.  We can all sit back and pull pics from times past to match up, but then that kills the whole adventure point right?  I thought the idea was that the player sees the most recent pic, say of a mural, then goes out and finds a different mural takes a pic of his bike with it, then goes to another location in short order and takes a pic of his/her bike with an ocean or such.  That way it keeps evolving in real time.   Many of us won't be able to play every or even most rounds, for instance I live days away from the nearest ocean, so it would need to be someone who could bop over to the coast and take a pic and post it, and go on to another place.

Pulling  pics from the past kills the fun for me, am I out of line on this?

Chuck in Indiana:

--- Quote ---Pulling  pics from the past kills the fun for me, am I out of line on this?
--- End quote ---

I took both this morning. Get your buns to a gym, (it wouldn't hurt ya)  :evil: take a picture with your Guzzi, and find another tag.  :grin:

bad Chad:
Ok, here I am at a gym.

You're it.  now go find one of these!   Wind Turbine, or any old windmill will do!

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