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V7 II Broke Down, Metal Flakes in Crankcase = Poops.

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--- Quote from: moto-uno on September 11, 2022, 12:00:33 PM ---  Not too sure I understand your phrasing about 'moving up and down the crankshaft' ? Is this front to back or
up and down ?

--- End quote ---

Sorryófore and aft, sliding.

Here--------Bolt up--------------

Canít guarantee that the frame mounts are exactly the same. Plus, Iíd have to get a new air box m, throttle body and exhaust, at the very least. Remember, mineís the last of the heron head, not one of the hemis

Fingers crossed you can get that sorted.
Would be a sad waste since you put so much effort into that very nice V7 II.


After chatting it up with a few mechanic friends, and reading your thoughts, I donít have the money for a rebuild job, and I donít see any good V7 II motors available. Just listed it. And salty liquid escaped my eye.


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