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Hydraulic clutch concerns, questions on Norge

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Need thoughts on my 2011 Norge clutch.
When parking for the night Saturday evening I had difficulty finding neutral which is unusual for the Norge. Also noticed my handle had more initial free play. Next day rode 680 miles with problems at time finding neutral but no shifting problems. When I arrived home with the clutch pulled all the way in I could feel  that the clutch was not totally disengaged and could not get it into neutral until I shut off the bike.
This is a hydraulic clutch and have no experience with them. No help with a general internet search. Cannot see any leaks but where do I all need to look? Have not opened the MC yet to check fluid level. With the bike on the center stand and the bars centralized there is a bit of a tilt of the MC. Is this the proper position and okay to remove the cap without spillage?

Rich A:
Sounds as though the hydraulic system just needs to be bled.

Rich A

If you have never bled it, it's time. Some do it twice a year. Bleeder is next to frame under seat, long SS hose w/rubber cap.
Then again it may be time for a Cal14 clutch, some come apart in center ring, it shifts off center & comes undone.
Tilt MC so lid is horizontal, then put it back.

I usually start by making sure the piston in the master cylinder is retracting all the way back upon release of the lever.
Take the lever off and clean/grease the moving parts. While the lever is off, get a piece of WOODEN dowell and push the piston in, make sure it comes all the way back out with a clack.
To check the function, fill the reservoir as normal an COMPLETELY COVER your bike with a disposable cloth.
Actuate the lever and make sure you can see a small fountain of fluid produce in the reservoir as you let the lever out.
If the piston does not fully return, it will not expose the communication port that feeds the system from the reservoir.
All the “bleeding” in the world will not result in expulsion of air if you’ve not checked and ascertained proper function of this bit.
The excessive play in your lever, leads me in the direction of a non retracting m/c piston.
Once you’ve determined this bit is working, go ahead and bleed as old mate suggests. If you take that long bleed hose and attach a squeeze bottle of fluid to it, you can GENTLY pump fluid from low point to high and at the same time, you’ll be able to witness the level in the reservoir rising.
You will now know that you have eliminated a non retracting piston as a cause.
Norges are absolutely murder on their clutch fluid, it’s well documented.
I do mine every 20,000 k…(that makes 9 times).


--- Quote from: Gliderjohn on September 21, 2022, 11:53:46 AM ---Need thoughts on my 2011 Norge clutch.
Have not opened the MC yet to check fluid level.

--- End quote ---
The poor bastard isn’t just out of fluid is it….?


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