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Does anybody have or know where there might posted a list of the differences / changes made to Converts throughout the various model years?

Thanks in advance!

Greg Fields book, Moto Guzzi big twins.
Yikes, $95 on eBay. I have a personalized autographed copy.. must be worth big bucks, LOL

 I know my 1976 has the beautiful , wire Borrani wheels , which was a prerequisite for me.Later bikes came with alloy wheels. Early bikes also had the stamped steel, failure prone flywheel . Im not sure what year they went to the cast flywheel. One thing I know for sure, is that Converts Rock,and every Guzzisti should have one!  Im sure others will chime in with more specific model year changes.                                                                                             

   Rick D.

The stamped flywheel was only 1976. It can be reenforced and last a lifetime, you motor will spin up faster BTDT.the later heavy FW is 12 pounds.

So,thats about a  2 lb difference in weight.....Hmm,that seems like quite a bit. I bet you can really feel that  on the "butt dyno"  :grin:


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