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new vibration through right footpeg

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Hi all,

Some of you kindly responded to my earlier post about my clutch slipping. I am now wondering if I have bigger problems. I did the mineral spirit flush, and drove without incident to the grocery store. Clutch was working fine. But by the time I got home, I was getting a very noticeable but intermittent high-frequency vibration through the right foot peg that travelled through my doc Martens to my foot. It was like a focused foot vibrator massage. The vibration would last a few seconds, then stop. I took the bike out again today to the store and was now getting a noticeable grinding noise that sounded like it was coming from below my rear end somewhere, along with the vibration.  This is happening at low speeds and is not constant but intermittent. I am now a bit worried about taking it up to highway speed. There is no vibration from the left footpeg, whatever is happening is very isolated. The grinding sound has me especially worried.

I am not saying this has anything to do with the mineral oil flush, maybe its part of whatever was making my clutch slip? I did check and replace the gear oil in the front part of the drive; I had plenty, and it looked very clean.

Any thoughts?

Not wishing to cause fear or distress ,but the way you describe it sounds like a universal joint or it's support bearing in the swinging arm.

with what symptoms you describe, I am suspecting the "U" joint. I have read of vibration in the right peg/floorboard could be indicative of a failing U joint, or bearing it rides on. To inspect that would require you to remove the swing arm. If its just the bearing, its inexpensive,and relatively easy to replace.

Chuck in Indiana:
^^^^ What they said.

U-JOINT plus probably carrier bearing. Don't worry, I left Boston for Prince Edwards Island with my girl friend on the back back of my Eldo in 1980? and had a couple of momentary lockups, ignored. New to Guzzi, I didn't notice vibes. Was off road in Canada. Got home, swingarm off, u-joint fell out of chamber in 2 pieces...


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