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Thank for all your good wishes. It is pretty exciting, but also a bit scary.
I have gotten my nephew an internship as a surveyor where I have worked for the last 20 years.He will be living in my house here and keeping the hobos out.
I am leaving Seattle on Monday for my Winter Palace in Arkansas. I plan to take 5 days.
Am still struggling to resolve Cookie's estate but think I can resolve it long distance thru the magic of the internet
Expect to see me at many more Midwest and southern events.
It is good to be retired and have a motorcycle.

Bill Lovelady.     IS
Eskimo Spy


--- Quote from: SmithSwede on October 06, 2022, 09:02:48 PM ---Bill:  any chance you can make the Okie in Talihena this weekend?

--- End quote ---

Yep.  Im planning on doing the Cajun rally.  Id really like to see you there.  We can eat good food.  I guess we have to swap lies.   

Take care Bill

Congratulations Bill. Enjoy! :thumb:

Best job I ever had.


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