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I bought the MG Cycle Large Tombstone style windscreen for my Convert. Want to put it on before I head out on some rides, anyone have guidance, advice, instructions? I'm pretty good at figuring things out, but a picture or two would be helpful.  I bought the full kit and parts they suggested.

Took a bit of finagling, trial and error and more disassembly than I wanted, but I got the kit mounted today. No idea if it is right, but it is on ;-) Test ride in a bit.

The upper triple tree have a threaded bung on the front at the top of the fork. The provided brackets bolt to this, and in my case replaced the headlight winglets to mount the headlight. I hoped they would line up, but no dice. I just rotated them in behind the headlight. This meant rerouting the wiring harness which meant removing the fuel tank.... Of course it was full........

Once the brackets are mounted to the bike, and the upper black sider brackets are mounted to the screen, they are mounted to the lower bracket with the clamp style brackets. The mounting screws have rubber on both sides of the screen and the upper brackets have threaded holes to screw into. The lowers went in without issue, but the screws were too long for the upper, so I had to use black washers as spacers to snug everything up. The provided bolts were long enough to put a locknut on the bolt that mounts the setup to the triple tree, figured it was a good idea, especially as the headlight is suspended by the bracket too.

Here are some in progress pictures.

Final Product.  It is a nice piece, look forward to getting some miles in. Really sets off the classic and period correct look I was hoping for. The little speed shield looked fine when the bike was black, but didn't look right on the red.

Looks excelent, Bulldog9! I like the black crash bars, did you have those powder coated? I need to do something with mine, the chrome has seen better days.

LOVE the bike! It’s “red hot”! Screen looks killer.  What bags are those.

I have the same screen on my T3. It looks like you figured it out. The brackets bolts to the top of the shocks and to the headlight shell.

I've found the chrome is only "ok". Mine has some rust. I also managed to lose one of the bent washer-type things because I didn't tighten it enough. I am not sure if they are replaceable. A large washer is an imperfect solution.

The screen makes a huge difference in comfort on highway rides. At first I thought it was ugly (because so huge) but I've gotten used to it, and hugely appreciate the protection it provides. Now I just have to put the floorboards back on to officially be an old motorcycle rider.


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