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CANCELLED!UPDATE. December 2022 S.E. U.S. guzzi meet n greet lunch Helen Georgia

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The December 10th meet n greet lunch scheduled for December 10th in Helen Georgia is canceled due to lack of attendance and bad weather forecast (43 degrees with rain).  Sorry! 

Most likely. :thumb:
Still rolling over in my mind that outstanding campout at your place recently. Thanks again Bob and Peggy!

If it ain't too cold.
i like to eat, I like to ride, but I'm a bit of a wus.

Iíve been asked to keep these monthly meetings n greets going and after todays showing of eight people Iíve had a change in heart.  I was also asked if some riders would like to spend the weekend with their spouses/significant other on the weekend of Dec 10th in Helen Ga and then have our meet n greet lunch Saturday at 1pm as scheduled ?  Your thoughts about that?  Thank you

One of the riders mentioned bringing their wifeís and spending the weekend in Helen Georgia.  Some other riders had mentioned it as a possibility.  If you want to commit to doing that note it here so I know!


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