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2003 Cali, what were the faults?

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Greetings Guzzisti,
I've been away from the fold for a long time but considering a 2003 Cali for my return. It has 80,000K's on the clock.
It is apparently well serviced and I am going to inspect it tomorrow.
I have forgotten which years had which faults. I would be very grateful if someone could remind me of the possibilities please.
A single plate clutch perhaps I'm told. Why was it a bad thing? Cracking triple trees, easy to inspect, maybe cracking wheel rims, I had that on my Cali3 from 93 so I wasn't expecting any of that with an 03. No idea what else could be lurking in this bike.

If it has 80K on the clock, it does not have the Single plate clutch (They fail about 10K miles I know from experience) and if it is a Hydro (Hydraulic Valves) the recalls must have been completed They failed before 10K miles. I love the California EV series they are great bikes!

John Croucher:
You will still want to adjust the valves if it is a hydro motor.  TDC, loosen adjusting screw, screw in 1-1/2 turn preload.  I would inspect the rocker arms and valve stem for wear.  Due to the extra oil journals, the rocker arms and valve stem do not get a good oil supply and they wear. 

Ride it until it breaks, fix it and ride it some more.  Outside of the cam and hydro lifter, the bike is identical to all the other 1100 Tonti engines. A Valtek timing chain tensioner is a good upgrade.  Technically a hydro valve engine is better than a solid lifter engine.

Thanks guys, I had forgotten about the hydro but had always wanted to try one. They are reputed to be the smoothest of the EV's and as you say , by 80K it must have had the recall. Service records are apparently with the bike so I'll be checking them thoroughly.

I had a 2003 Aluminum with hydro motor. It was a great bike . It had the recall done at 10 K miles, but it came with the 2 plate clutch, no cracks in the triple clamp. If cared for and sorted, it should be a great bike.


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