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Strangest Motorbike Designs Ever Made

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Maybe not "strange" but different from conventional designs.  Current maxi-scooters aka Dan Gurney's Alligator would fit in this category.  The Megola intrigues me because of the fueling with a spinning engine.   :tongue:  Any engineers out there to explain the fuel line connections??   :shocked: :shocked:

One user's comment about that video says the Megola used a rotary and not a radial engine. I saw one at the Munich Museum of Transportation. He is incorrect. It used a 5 cylinder radial engine. Pics I took of it below.

I'm not an engineer, but..

It's a rotary, like the engine in a Sopwith Camel and Fokker Triplane.  A radial has a stationary crankcase and the crank turns.

Induction is through the hollow stationary crankshaft.  One carb.   Probably not the best throttle response.   

I think I saw one at the Gugenheim.


Wikipedia says it is a radial. Reading further it sounds more like a rotary but the description is somewhat confusing. I did further research and it is definitely a rotary. I worked on radials after I retired but never a rotary.

I think this steam powered motorcycle is pretty odd.

Might catch on if gas goes up to $25. A gallon.


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