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Hooking up sidecar brake on Tonti

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hello Folks, I will shortly be hooking up a DMC M-72 sidecar on my 98 V 11 EV. The DMC has a Brembo disc brake on the sidecar wheel,and a long brake line with a banjo type fitting on the bike end. My question, is with the Guzzis linked brake system what is the best way to go about this, as in where to tap into the brake system for the sidecar brake?  Would it be better to de link the linked system, or leave it as is? Im sure with as many sidecars that have been added to EV's, other have dealt with this before.
any tips, and suggestions from the group, much appreciated.
Rick Duarte

I would think you need a larger master cylinder . Sorry but i don't have more than that.

John A:
I read a sidecar book from the 1920ís that suggested having the sidecar brake separate from the mc brake. They said that the sidecar brake did not add a great deal of braking to the total braking performance. It was much more useful if it could be used by itself. So thatís what I did on my Bassa. I used the top clamp cut off of a bar riser and mounted a stub on the handle bar with a lever clamped to it. The lever is above the clutch lever. From the lever I ran a cable to a master cylinder on the sidecar frame. I used a  master, rear wheel and brake from a T3. It didnít take long to get used to it and it is wonderful for maneuvering. Right turns are great after some practice. On the highway if I want to ease a little to the right I just brake the car wheel and the whole rig just easily moves right while staying straight. The only drawback is itís harder on the car tire if I am too aggressive having fun with it for it will skid if you unload the car wheel with too much brake applied . Iíll post a pic later. I did de link the mc brakes later on but it wasnít necessary

Hook it up to your hand brake.  Longer banjo fitting or another m/c on either left or right handle bar.

John A:

Pics not so good but ok, you get the idea. It does work well and I miss it on other rigs. Itís more suited for sporting


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