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Vincent first start

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Here’s a clip of the first running of my ‘46 Rapide today. It was a long time coming.  The tank was very heavily rusted. I had the magneto rebuilt and installed a Ducati type clutch in addition to the usual carbs, wiring, tires, cables and soft stuff.  Timing the magneto took me forever.  There are no timing marks, so you need to pull the exhaust and right side cover and use a piston stop and degree wheel. Starting a 1000cc twin seems like it would be difficult but is surprisingly easy.  Pull the decomp lever, push the starter lever down and release the decomp at the bottom of the stroke.  I still have a long way to go before I understand the bike. Now to sort oil leaks.

Dave Swanson:
Good going!  That's a big step!

Very nice....way to go!

A thing of beauty  :thumb:

Hot damn!  Love it, Ben.  Great to see & hear progress. 

There sure are worse things to tinker on over a long cold winter..


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