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V85TT Idle Adjustment

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I have a 2021 V85TT, purchased new, now with just under 5000 miles. The bike idles at about 1100-1150 RPM which seems a little too high.  Curious if the is a simple idle adjustment?

Thanks,    Stuart Ostroff

There are more skilled commentators than me on this topic, but your idle speed is right.
It is coded into the ECU is not adjusted by the owner in anything resembling the time honoured way.
Ignoring the initial cold (freezing) start, does it idle at about this speed ?
That idle (once settled), is 1100-1150

If it's never been serviced it's time. Otherwise you got another !Kmi. That is where it idles not like older twins all preset in ECU map.
Might need valve adjust and TPS reset, you'll need software. Plug it in & look for issues.

If you see a stop screw on throttle body DO NOT mess w/it or you'll need a new one & ECU(integrated together).

There is no idle adjustment unless you edit the ECU. Even then, it is somewhat of a moving target depending on conditions. The idle speed may seem a little fast to you but it's about as low as is really practical.

My V7 850 Special has always idled at a higher than expected speed, in accordance with the manual. I believe it’s because, relative to the older bikes, the flywheel is a lot lighter, which is why the motor spins up so quickly. The downside is the loss of the count every beat idle speed of old…Just the way it is.


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