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V7 Sport build the sequal SOLD

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Chuck in Indiana:

--- Quote from: Cam3512 on September 01, 2014, 06:40:06 PM ---Nice work Jim.  I can ony imagine teaming up you, Charlie, and Joe W. into one restoration shop.  When I win the lottery, you'll all be based in NJ - huge shop, unlimited budget.  It'll Spank Cycle Garden.

--- End quote ---

Uh, would be done right.  ;D Nice work, but is it Winter already?? I mean.. what are you going to do when it gets nasty out?  ;D

 I may have 6 weeks of riding left, hopefully enough time to ring some hard miles out of the V7 Sport! Then it's just a short 6 or 7 months of winter ;D
I have lots of projects to keep me busy for a long time, refresh the 750 S3 and build the 750S clone, it's the S clone I am most interested in, parts getting
Painted this fall and the list of needed things to build it is down to a few parts

I keep telling my wife I am selling this 74 Sport, I hope it lessens the disapproval of bringing the S3 home ::)
 Ps a dream shop in retirement is my goal ;D

Nice to see the Myford being used as a 'bits' rack in someone elses workshop, A real multipurpose bit of engineering :)


Jim, Here's a picture of that bike/frame from 1979...

 Wow, what a great picture ;-T
Thanks Joe


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