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Motorcycle Classics Magazine-What say you about it??

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The other morning (about 0200) I stopped at a KumN Go fuel stop for my DOT mandated 30 break. While lazily eyeballing the magazine rack, I seen a nice Ambo on the cover of a magazine.  I pick it up and see that it is Motorcycle Classics.  I don't read or subscribe to any motorcycle mags, cause they all seem the same.  Same articles rotated through the various mags. Reading this magazine it seemed to be different.  I really enjoyed not just the Ambo article, but the Ace and other articles.  Anyone else here enjoy this magazine??

Long time subscriber, I like it.

Books-a-Million and Motorcycle Classics, almost no better way to spend an hour or so..

 I have a subscription, too. They do everything from old favorites to really obscure Giro bikes. There are some tech articles, but mostly bike features, shows, and lots of adverts for businesses that support the vintage bike scene. There is usually something for everyone in each issue. I like it...

I was getting it for a year. It gets old like any other bike mag to me. I'd rather look @ a bike from behind the handgrips running down a country road. :bike


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