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What's the worst case of outrageous driving you've ever witnessed?

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We live in south central Pennsylvania where there are many rural railroad overpasses. This one for motor vehicles was built long ago and is single lane underpass (tunnel) about 100' long. Generally, you take your turn from each side. As I approached in my car with wife and son, I saw two cars ahead of us go into the underpass. A third car, directly in front of us followed suit. On the other side of the underpass was a pickup truck driver who's patience had run out. He drove his truck straight into the underpass, meeting the oncoming car in the middle and would not budge. With horn blaring, he forced the car driver to back up the 50' out of the underpass!!! We sat there in total shock and thought, "We don't wanna mess with that guy!"    

That "would not budge" stuff wouldn't work with me.  I'm retired, I have a jacket and bedroll in the car, and I've got all the time in the world.    I guarantee he'd back out of there before I would, if I honestly had the right of way.   

On the other hand, if my conscience wasn't clear about whether I'd "taken his turn" or not, I wouldn't be quite as bold .....


Steve Scott:
Similar sitch, different outcome. (driving a 198? Dodge Aries K)
 WV Rt9 used to cross the Shenandoah with a rickety old girder bridge that had been narrowed to one lane so they wouldn't have to close it completely while they saved up for a new bridge. Since the span was fairly long, they put a traffic light at each end to aid the orderly flow of traffic. Well, after working New Years eve, I got about 1/4 way across when a car ran the red light on the other side. I was miffed at working a holiday anyway, and I sure wasn't backing up for this joker, so I stopped and sat there... He never even slowed down and hit me head-on at about 20 mph. The responding officer told me the guy was so drunk he didn't even know what state he was in.

In Wichita, after watching a lit up ambulance trying to get through a kind of weird intersection and traffic not stopping to give it an opening I finally turned my car sideways and blocked the traffic until the ambulance could get through. Got a big wave from the crew.

Well, I did not witness this personally, I would say this woman drunk driving at 113 mph, rear-ending a motorcyclist and thereby killing him would rate up there as among the worst cases of outrageous driving.   ::(


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