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New tires become suspension rebuild+...(Monza) FAC update!

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Great post. These sort of DIY posts are priceless. Thanks.  ;-T

Antietam Classic Cycle:
If the fork tubes don't come out willingly, I just leave them in the triple clamps. Sliders come off the bottom, damper spring units out the top. Less aggravation and achieves the same result.


--- Quote from: Tobit on March 26, 2015, 06:48:47 AM --- :+1

The condition is called Shipwright's disease.  Can't put a new part on a grungy old part.

Bashing the axle would be a good way to possibly damage the fork slider or the damper cartridges.  Brute force should be reserved for Caterpillar D9 maintenance.  Nice write up though.  I miss my Monza.



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(edit 3/29/2015)
 :+=copcar  Stop the presses!!!  Tobit's right.  A better method was just posted by JRT on another topic.  Take the pinch bolts out of the lower yoke and thread them in from the back then drop a washer or thin plate into the slot in the yoke and tighten the bolt against it.  It will spread the slot and loosen the clamp on the stanchions.  Nicer than either a wedge or a hammer.  Wish I'd read it a week ago. (end edit)

Apparently I did all the bashing on the tacho  :'(.  The stanchions were moving, but very tight so using a rubber mallet on the axle wasn't too bad - not trying to break anything loose and the axle fits well in its bore.  But Charlie's, right I could have left them in the triple clamps but I've never had motorcycle tele forks all the way apart before so I figured I better try to do it by the book.   :P

--- Quote from: balvenie on March 26, 2015, 04:16:21 AM ---      Removing my fork tubes is accomplished by driving wedges into the gaps in the triple tree. The gaps are closed with pinch bolts to hold the tubes securely. With the gaps spread, twisting the tubes one way, then the other, liberates the tube quickly. That's my bike anyway.    

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Balvene, I did however use a wedge to open the bore once the stanchions were out.  But the clamps in the Monza yokes are not split to the outside like some forks so couldn't get a wedge in with the yokes on the bike.  I knew I'd never be able to install the stanchions back in them without spreading them so used a cold chisel.  (More brute force and ignorance but it worked.  :BEER:)

Thanks for all the kind words all!  More soon!

Great photo in front of Mt Shuksan, added to my screensaver. What road were you on?


--- Quote from: Matteo Manfredi on March 26, 2015, 09:03:03 PM ---Great photo in front of Mt Shuksan, added to my screensaver. What road were you on?

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Good eye Matt!

It's the road to Artist's Point above the Mt Baker ski area just one turn below the top.  Most years they try to get it open by the end of July, but this year it'll probably melt out by the end of May.  Going to be a dry summer...


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