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General Discussion / Re: Unloved BSA...?
« Last post by nc43bsa on Today at 05:00:10 PM »
Final price: $4900.00
General Discussion / Re: TOWFIT Takes Over from Tucker
« Last post by Alfetta on Today at 04:59:46 PM »
I'd have that toy truck over that Lotus Europa any day !
General Discussion / Re: TOWFIT Takes Over from Tucker
« Last post by Huzo on Today at 04:57:53 PM »
She dumped Tucker the boyfriend...
Are you sure you spelled his name  correctly..... :popcorn: :wink:
The old Hilux eh..?
Had this 15 years and every time I think of selling it, I need the bugger.
General Discussion / Re: I need to lose 35 pounds body weight???
« Last post by bobrebos on Today at 04:57:38 PM »

Yep and I live outside of Chattanooga Tn in the stroke belt of the United States so it’s time I cut back!  Day two so far! 
General Discussion / Re: Seen in France
« Last post by Huzo on Today at 04:38:54 PM »
A mate of mine has one and he loaned it to me for a ride from Clermont Ferrand to Vichy.
Punches hard when on the gas

Fairly uncompromising as you’d expect comfort wise and the performance is akin to Ducati’s 1098 from my experience.
General Discussion / Re: Seen in France
« Last post by Tkelly on Today at 04:27:02 PM »
Anyone have a photo of a Voxan,I am curious about the brand?
General Discussion / TOWFIT Takes Over from Tucker
« Last post by Iron Cross Junction on Today at 04:23:04 PM »

In 2000, we bought our daughter’s 1993 Toyota base pickup truck from her: 130K miles, no A/C, P/S, or much of anything else.  She had named it Tucker, after a boyfriend who later fell by the wayside, but the name stuck.   :laugh:

In the next 20 or so years, we put a mere 100k (but harder) miles on it.   :bow:

Then, on her [age deleted  :thewife:] birthday earlier this year, we gave it back to her.  The family had, upon retiring from the Army, moved to N.C. and they need a truck. 

Nice, but it then left us without a tow vehicle for the MC-10 motorcycle trailer I had bought a couple of years ago.

Hmmmmm.  Who wouldn’t want an excuse to buy another truck?  Actually, I don’t need a larger carbon footprint — or all the costs and taxes that come with it.

So, we just bought a new Honda Fit, but installing a trailer hitch voids the warranty.  Ah, but we kept our 2009 Fit, a C-130 of little cars.  It has 260K+ miles, but still runs great.   Sure don't care about the warranty!

An (unofficial) Fit forum — — had (surprise) lots of mixed views on the risks/benefits scale.  Some "doom & gloom & you’re going to die" and some “they do it in Europe and Asia; you’ll be fine.”

I went with Door 2.   :grin:

General Discussion / Re: I need to lose 35 pounds body weight???
« Last post by LesP on Today at 04:18:47 PM »
General Discussion / Re: NGC: SF Bay area Bomb Cyclone
« Last post by pehayes on Today at 04:09:39 PM »
I live in the southeast corner of the Bay.  I was in Sacramento (100miles) on Saturday for a wedding.  Drove home in the rain on Sunday.  Slow and steady.  No cruise control.  Just missed two spinouts.  One in the median and one into a roadside field.  My house is in a hilly area so no flooding.  All sorts of items blowing around the neighborhood.

Patrick Hayes
Fremont CA
General Discussion / Re: Sargent Seat for California...
« Last post by sdcr on Today at 03:56:28 PM »

I like that idea, thanks.

 I’ll check with dealers in the area.
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