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General Discussion / Re: 1400 Owners, Please respond
« Last post by inditx on Today at 03:46:17 PM »

I really wanted one of those blue ones.  Never could find one.  I had this 2014 gray custom.  Nice ride.

Had as in gone yah?
General Discussion / Re: Good rides near Eureka Springs, Arkansas?
« Last post by mrverveus on Today at 03:23:09 PM »
Jon, there are no bad rides in the area!

Several fun destinations.  Ozark Cafe in Jasper.  Cliff House Restaurant south of Jasper.  Low Gap Cafe near Ponca.  Evening ride through Boxley Valley to view the elk herd.  The Hindsville Cafe at Hindsville.  Etc, etc...  The roads getting there and back are all good...

Cliff House has a great view.  Low Gap Cafe has the best food in the area in my reckonin' and is a great choice for dinner.  In general that part of the country is superb for riding. Good twisty and well maintained roads.  Nice scenery.  Still rather unspoiled.
General Discussion / Re: Fischer-Price Beemer!
« Last post by Canuck750 on Today at 03:01:45 PM »
:laugh: :grin: :wink:

Well dang JJ,

the K1 will never look the same to me again!
General Discussion / Re: Watch this R90S...
« Last post by Canuck750 on Today at 02:59:53 PM »
I would venture a guess at $13 ~ $14K, if it were the orange paint scheme I bet it would go for at least $3K more.

As for the paint, I thought it looked pretty good?

It's got to be hard to replicate the original smoke / fade paint/
General Discussion / Re: Headed out
« Last post by Moparnut72 on Today at 02:34:49 PM »
If you go the opposite direction out Clarkson towards Enterprise you will go over Rattlesnake Pass, another great ride. After Broken Arrow we go over Lolo and then take Rt 129 over Rattlesnake which turns into Rt 3 in Oregon.
General Discussion / Re: My newest pile
« Last post by twowheeladdict on Today at 02:20:36 PM »
I never paid attention to how many different bikes Honda stuck its V-twin engine into.  I really liked my '85 Honda Shadow 700. 
General Discussion / Re: Watch this R90S...
« Last post by twowheeladdict on Today at 02:16:26 PM »
I would rather own this.

Or even this.

General Discussion / Re: Headed out
« Last post by Tom on Today at 01:47:50 PM »
Lolo Pass....nice long sweepers  Great pavement. 

Spiral Highway....more technical of a ride with hairpins but loads of fun on good pavement.  Use to be the old way down to Lewiston, ID, the hill to the river before State 95 was upgraded.   :thumb: :thumb:  Has vids too.
General Discussion / Re: Fischer-Price Beemer!
« Last post by vintage53 on Today at 01:32:41 PM »

Sean Wotherspoon edition

Its For Real , and you can get a matching Helmet!
General Discussion / Re: 2021 Guzzi Get Together, Midway-Utah
« Last post by tntut1 on Today at 01:30:52 PM »
Many thanks to Roy for putting in the time and effort to facilitate the 2021 Guzzi ride from Midway.  He did a great job!  It was my initial experience with the Guzzi guys and gals who participate, and they were a fine bunch to ride with.  I look forward to next September when there will be another chance to run the Guzzis with this group! 

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