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V7Sport out of dormancy

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So, first post!
Had Vespas for many years (GS150, GS160, Rally 200, PX 200) but ten years ago I bought this V7 Sport and slowly my interest has shifted to Guzzi. Today all Vespas are sold and I currently have three Moto Guzzi; the 1972 V7 Sport, an 850T endurance-racer-look-a-like and a Le Mans III 998 cc Agostini.

I bought the Sport with a few mods as you can see in the picture. PHF 32`s, Stucchi exhaust and Marzocchi rear shocks. After some fiddling with jetting it ran quite well. However it has now been sitting for some time because of a leaking rear seal and I finally decided to restore the engine. The gearbox was restored a few years back by Rolf Halvorsen and the rest of the bike is in decent shape.

Got the engine out and disassembled. All exterior engine parts vapor blasted. The crank was worn quite bad and needed to go to 2nd undersize for the con rods but only first undersize on the front and rear bearings. New set of cylinders and pistons. Sent the flywheel to HMB in Germany for lightening. I have bought parts for closer to 10.000 € from them the last 6-7 years and have nothing but good experience!

While the engine was out I started to look at the frame and realized how bad the paint was. Some PO had first nickle-plated the lower frame rails and the swing arm and later painted it black but the paint is coming off of it. So finally I decided to do the frame also…

Today I delivered the frame, and other assorted parts, to the blaster. Expect it to be done in a week. To be continued...

Dave Swanson:
Nice V7 Sport!  We all love a good V7 Sport story!  It sounds like you are on the right path all the way around!  I will be watching for your updates. 

My first venture into Guzzidom was the V7 Sport.  I thought back then it would be the only Guzzi model I would ever desire to own.   :grin:

My 73 when I got it. 

And when I finished it.


Very elegant Sport, Dave!
That Burgundy red looks really good! Can’t decide between that and the green/lime. I also think tank decals looks a lot better than badges. The paint job will have to wait thou.

Dave Swanson:
My big color choice was for the frame.  Since I was repainting the frame (and tins) I had the choice of silver.  During the time frame my Sport was produced there was silver framed bikes.

This bike belongs to a local Guzzi enthusiast.

In the end I went with the factory issued colors for my bike. 


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