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1948 Airone - restoration

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Dave Swanson:
I am glad to see the process beginning.   This will be a heartwarming story similar to those dog videos where the abused, skinny, and neglected dog gets a new lease on life!  :popcorn:

It's a mutt Dave!

OK so the GTV 500 manual says the engine can come out by removing the three through bolts, shifting the engine forward, then rotate and back end out on the right hand side.

Well this is NOT a 500 and try as I might I could not get the engine to come out in one piece, I unbolted the fender and shifted it forward and onto the tire for more clearance, I had removed the magneto and dynamo .

So after spinning, twisting, left and right I pulled the head off

Not pretty

I gave the head and the cylinder an initial clean in the vapour blast cabinet, once the head is stripped I will give all the parts a final vapour blast then into the ultrasonic tank for ahour to get any beads out of the blind threaded holes

Next to split the cases and see what all the internals and clutch look like, the barrel feels good but I need to measure it and everything else

The cleaned parts pile so far sharing a spot with my 500Cc GTV 500 engine project

Wow, the before and after vapor blast pics of your cylinder head are a fantastic add for vapor blasting.
I really want one, but, haven't been able to justify the cost, as I wouldn't use it enough.    Now, if I could get a local friend or two to go in together on one.....

Hey Jim,     It's amazing watching you work  :bow:

    Thanks for not only documenting the work, but also the tools you're using;

    I bought a big collection of old tools a while back and still haven't figured out what they all are, but I'm sure I've got a set of those split collar puller attachments similar to what you're using on the tranny.

    Re your bike, I thought it looked pretty good for the years on it, I might've been inclined to just do fluids and tires and go for a ride,lol, but man that cylinder head did look nasty and gnarly, I agree very impressive cleaned up.

    Looking forward to watching you work your way through it, it's a very pretty bike.

    Tia following


Dave Swanson:
Very cool to see the process started.   I have my seat reserved.   :popcorn:


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