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1948 Airone - restoration

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That is going to be the nicest Airone!  Good info on the powder primer; never heard of it before.


--- Quote from: SED on May 03, 2021, 10:36:12 PM ---Good info on the powder primer; never heard of it before.

--- End quote ---

I only learnt about the primer a month ago when I went into my local powder coater shop to talk about preping my Airone frame.
I have sanded down all the parts and sent the whole lot back for another coat of primer. It fills very deep nicks and gouges taht I could not sand out of the metal, I am very impressed with it.

The primer sands real easy, I went over it with 200 dry. I have decided to have all the parts spray painted with base / clear. My painter has experience with the powder primer and has no issues with spraying over it, he will seal the primer before spraying colour. My painter does a lot of custom bikes, hot rods etc and has very good experience with the powder primer.

My powder coater is super busy and its taking a very long time to get parts coated so progress has been at a stand still.

The powder coater is finished with the powder primer, two coats, 200 dry sanding after first coat of primer.

I sanded out the second coat of powder primer with 400 wet. The rear fender still needs finishing work, I will finish the prep with a conventional skim coat of bondo filler, 2 part putty and a coat or two of high build primer. Only the tops of the tool  boxes, which were very badly pitted need a slight skim of finishing putty. All the other pieces sanded put very nicely, the high build powder primer is pretty amazing. Everything will get a wet spray applied sealer and then I will go with conventional base / clear for the red finish. The new paint should last another seventy years.

I found a set of original Airone leg shields in Italy for the bike, they were solid, not damaged but have a lot of surface pitting, they will need some work to get them smooth.

I had the hubs powder coated red to see how it will finish over the primer, looks fine but these will get a final base/clear coat as well.

I pressure tested the oil tank, its solid, I sent it off to be rechromed, the original chrome side domes had been painted over with gloss black, after stripping the paint the chrome is all pitted and peeling, may as well go all in at this point.

I got my last order of parts in from Retro in Italy, new engine case screws, nuts etc to replace the chewed up original heads.

Hopefully I can this painted over the summer.

Great work and dedication to the project .....Thank you for sharing , :cool: I am hooked

Dave Swanson:
Again, I just got back from throwing rocks at all my bikes.   :grin:


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