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1948 Airone - restoration

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--- Quote from: SED on September 11, 2021, 10:21:50 AM ---Jim, your Airone is looking so good!  Beautiful work.

I couldn't find a source for 11mm nuts that hold the battery box into the GTV frame. Valenti shows them, but got case screws instead.  We went back and forth, but the 11mm bolts and nuts never showed up.  Eventually I reamed the holes for 12mm bolts.

McMaster Carr shows m11x1 and m11x1.5 taps, but not x1.25.

I might have a couple of m11x1.25 nuts, but not sure the treads are any good.

--- End quote ---

Thanks Shaun, I have sent an email to Retro asking for the 11mm nuts and I ordered some 11mm taps and dies off EBay from China. Hopefully Retro can help

Thanks Frenchfrog, I am looking forward to getting the rest of the frame parts back to keep moving with the build.

My painter called yesterday, the rest of the single stage enamel parts are ready, picked them up this morning, lots to continue with now, should get the fenders, tanks and tool boxes done by Christmas

I got just one piece back on but it is a big one in more ways than one, the 'bacon slicer' flywheel

Man, I want a Guzzi with red paint like that all over it....  Those parts look really good, Jim.

Since the Rebuilds and Restos has had it's own spot I confess that i do not look as often.  It is work like this Jim that brings home to me what I am missing out on.

Once again, another fabulous Canuck rebuild.

Beautiful work Jim. :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

Thanks Muzz!

I assembled the rear dampers today, new seals, rubber bushings and bushing inserts from Retro

It takes a lot of fiddling to get the seals into these recess

Honed out the inner tubes

Then stood the lower body up, inserted the inner tube and filled with 30W until oil poured out the level hole, then inserted the damping rod, pushed down the rod until oil stopped flowing out and buttoned it all up

I had the caps and mounting spindles re chromed

Got the front frame spacers, foot peg brackets and rear brake pedal installed, repro rubbers from Retro

The repro rear peg rubbers don't fit the Astorino so I reinstalled the original rubbers, the repros are far too short, original on the left

And that's it for today, have to pick up some more bearing grease to get the front steering together.


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