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Jackal FPR relocation
« on: May 26, 2021, 06:27:30 PM »
Hello All--It has been eons since I posted, plaese forgive :whip2:

Just picked up a low mile 2000 Jackal and I am in the process of "cleaning it up"
Already installed rear sets, new headlight setup, lower handlebars, removed airbox for K&N pods, progressive shocks, etc.
I removed the airbox to
1.make rome for the electrical connectors under the tank to clean up headlight connection,
2. lower the front fuel tank mounts by 1 1/2 inch so the tank nestles into the v of the engine more snugly.
I did the same on my `95 bobber "relic" and it worked quite well.
trouble I am having with the jackal is the Fuel pressure regulator that mounts directly to the front bung on the underside of the gas tank--
I don't have enough clearance between the FPR and top tube of the frame to drop the tank lower.
THE QUESTION--Does anyone know if there is  16mm x 1.0 male to 16mm x 1.0 female flexible hose available so I can remotely mount the FPR further under the tank in the area vacated by the airbox?
THanks in advance.

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Re: Jackal FPR relocation
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2021, 06:31:49 PM »
Some Guzzi's came that way with the regulator mounted to a tang on the frame under tank. I don't know about those sizes but there's probably a Guzzi part number for that hose somewhere. Try a parts diagram from a later EV maybe?

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