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Guzzi 1100 custom build

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Here is the finished Guzzi.

I did spend some time tweaking the ignition, but I have to say that it was pretty close with the advance curve it came with it from Ignitech.  It took a couple of days to sort the jetting out on the carbs, but what’s nice is they are easy to get at to change jets, and these carbs came with the slow air screws as opposed to slow air jets which makes life easier.  I have a quiet road where I go, rather than annoy the neighbours where I can ride up and down, do plug chops and adjustments.   

To help others if they do simmilar, The jetting I ended up with is as follows:-

#155 main jet,  #50 pilot jet,  ELS needle (4th groove from the top)  I started with an ELT needle but had a slight fluff at 1/8 throttle so changed to ELS and it cured it.

here's to a warm dry summer!

I have been putting quite a few miles on it...  here is how it sounds!


--- Quote from: buzzer on June 14, 2023, 09:53:43 AM ---I have been putting quite a few miles on it...  here is how it sounds!

--- End quote ---

It sounds lovely mate :thumb: :grin:

June, the weather has been great and I really am enjoying this bike and putting a few miles on it! however, every time I looked at the under slung exhaust I felt it didn’t suit the bike…  I know a lot of people liked it (some didnt...)  but for me it was wrong.  it was the long straight front pipe… So out came the welder and I made a new one! here it is!

this feels like a hooligan of a bike   The combination of the light weight, the torque delivery, the riding position, and the handling all bring out the hooligan

I have had the wheel come up a few times       

They say a custom build is never really finished… that’s a true statement! while the four cable throttle worked really well… it was just a little too slow for my liking, taking just more than a fist full from closed to open. Also, after buying a clutch cable from Venhill for the Guzzi and being impressed with how much lighter it made the clutch, I decided to buy some of their teflon lined conduit, and some of their flexible wire rope as opposed to cable. That has made a significant difference to the feel of the throttle, especially as I extended the liner into the adjusters and throttle housing. I also incorporated a positive stop for fully open on the throttle, save straining the cables. I always enjoy silver soldering and watching the solder flow into the gaps to make a seamless joint! I did have to buy some more sticks of solder as I was getting low… £10 a stick now! it used to be £1 last time I bought some!


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