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Guzzi 1100 custom build

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Up on the hoist for the first time… I have temporarily used a build stand that I have used for Ducati’s, but I will have to make a specific one as this one will impede making the exhaust fit on the bike. First job has been to make some inlet manifolds to fit the carbs… I wanted them angled upwards and inwards, and that took some working out to get the compound angle right! it ended up as 68.5 degrees. As the carb diameter is larger than the head inlet, I needed to use a tapered tube… To do this I turned up a tapered mandrel, and after annealing the alloy tube, I pressed it in with the vice, which expanded the tube by the required few mm. I then turned a grove to accept the lip inside the carb mounting blocks.

the next bit was actually quite difficult… I needed to make the hole on the flange a nice fit on the tube, but at an angle. I deliberately cut the 10mm plate quite large so I could get it mounted on the milling machine at the exact angle. I then bored the hole with an indexable boring head. If that milling machine looks old, it is! I did some work on it a few months ago and found a date… 1929!

Next job was to TIG weld the flanges on, drill the holes, and finally cut to shape.

here is a short video of the manifolds being made...

a little side track as I had a new facing cutter for my milling machine and wanted to try it! I took the top yoke off and removed the section where the ignition switch fits… and milled it flat. I then contoured the edge to blend it in. Those power files are a great piece of kit, something i bought thinking I may not use it much, but I use it all the time! Then into the blaster to clean it up, it can wait a while for polishing….

One thing I hated about the bike was the side stand… Just how agricultural is that bracket! I know its a great functional design, but its SO ugly!  so out come the angle grinder and it is no more!  In the loft (or as my wife calls it the spares department!!) i had a side stand off a 1994 Honda CBR 600…  it bolted straight on!  Just need to adjust the angle a little when the ride height has been set.  a job for much later on...

lucky phil:
Are you going to weld around the outside of the manifold tube to the face plate?



--- Quote from: lucky phil on February 15, 2022, 04:13:20 PM ---Are you going to weld around the outside of the manifold tube to the face plate?


--- End quote ---

As its welded on the back, I made sure prepared the joint well and got some good penetration.   I decided that three good runs of weld was sufficient on the outside 


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