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76 Convert restoration/refreshening.

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Nice attention to detail Rick! Your Convert is getting the TLC it deserves.

Dave Swanson:
This will be a nice reference when I dig into mine.  I have that book also. 


--- Quote from: Dave Swanson on August 07, 2022, 09:43:38 AM ---This will be a nice reference when I dig into mine.  I have that book also.

--- End quote ---

Thank you for the kind words, Dave. Compared with the work you do, my stuff is all "amateur hour" level of quality. When your Vert is finished , that will be the yardstick others are measured by.  There is just no comparison to the quality of work you turn out!  :bow:  :thumb:


Here is the original sale receipt from the dealership where the Convert was purchased, and the handlebar tag, describing the integrated braking system, its written in Italian on the flip side.
Does anyone know if  Ace's motorcycle sales , Inc.  was owned by Ace Mallott, who is mentioned here from time to time, or is this a different "Ace"?
Rick Duarte


Working today on prepping pacifico pathfinder fairing for new paint. The 40year old enamel is super thick,brittle, and has poor adhesion to the primer, so I cant use it as a sandable base, since it would be very chip prone.

I am taking all the paint off by" shaving" it with a single edge blade. Then its epoxy primer sealer, to smooth things out. The PO hit a big buzzard at speed, and the windshield flexed down, hitting the gas tank, and broke. I have a nice new clearview  windshield for it.

I plan to paint it red, probably with a metalflake in it, but using a modern, flexible automotive urethane basecoat/clearcoat. Or I may do a "candy" translucent red, with a gold base underneath for effect.  Painting is my favorite part of the resto, the final product is so rewarding!   :thumb:
Rick Duarte


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