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Triumph Daytona 900

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--- Quote from: mhershon on April 03, 2023, 11:25:16 AM ---  The only negative thing I could say about the bike is that it was top-heavy. I had to be careful in tight u-turns. Otherwise it was a great bike.

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But the 6.6 gallons was sure nice to have!


I figured the 900 would suck compared to my Daytona 1200. Nope, this old gal rips. I'm new to triples and I think I've been missing out. It doesn't hurt that it was Dyno tuned by Triple Specialties back in the day. Nolan told me she made 100 rwhp on two different dynos and I believe it.

Wow! It's great when you bring home an old gal and she cleans up nice like that.

Nice find Turin! She sure cleaned up nicely. I took one apart for painting a few years ago, and what impressed me the most is the quality of all the bodywork. The plastics were very thick,and well made. I did some plastic welding repairs,and gave it a gloss black paint job, with gold pin stripes. It was a classy bike for sure.
Good luck with yours,
Rick D.

   Love those eccentric chain adjusters. My old 04 Tiger had those too. My current 08 Sprint ST has an eccentric hub in the single sided swing arm.


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